Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Did a bunch of standing squats and lunges, a bit of plyo jumps over a rolled up blanket (really need to get my feet up) and skipping, lots of stretching and splits work, and a few crunches. I managed a dripping sweat but I don't feel like I'm working nearly hard enough to say I "worked out" and I just felt unfocused.

Soooo, I've made a deal with myself since I'm listening to the Aeros game and watching a Wild game at the same time tonight (or I'll be trying to anyway):

I'm doing 10 pushups for every Wild and Aeros goal and 3 sets of stairs for every Wings and Ice Hogs goal. That'll teach me to slack off!

Defense! Defense! Defense!

ETA: Well, between the 3-2 (f'ing Red Wings) game and the 3-1 win for the Aeros, I did 4 x 3 sets of stairs and 50 pushups. Not too bad when the alternative was to sit on my butt and drink a beer. :)

Sounds like the Aeros played rather undisciplined (lots of penalties and two 5 on 3 instances they got themselves into), yet won against a pretty good team. And the Wild played VERY well (I'd wager they played better than the Wings for 90% of the game) but couldn't pull out the win. I guess it was good to at least get a point though.

Go Stars.


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