Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wet Wednesday Live Blog

In honor of Wet Wednesday in Estero, I started early.

Had an annoyingly grumpy afternoon, given that previously I had a pretty awesome morning of watching my clothes spin-spin-spin in my new washer. It's a thing of beauty, this washer. And I may love the dryer even more. It's so fast and everything is so fluffy. It's wonderful. This is about as domestic as I get.

Anyway, figured I'd distract myself from my grumpy self by live blogging the games tonight. Kicking off with Brusty in goal for the Blades at 6:30 CT vs. Trenton. Then it's Wild vs. Detroit on the big TV and Aeros v. Chicago on the netbook at 7:00 CT.

Have I mentioned it's utterly ridiculous that Brusty's in the ECHL? Maybe if I say it now, I won't feel compelled to say it 300 more times tonight.


I really dig the way the radio guy introduces Barry. It's like a boxer. "SWAN... RIVER... MANITOBAAAA" Yeahhhh.

Game on. I need another beer.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Did they just say the other goalie, Coleman, is "Ken Dryden-esque"?

Big scrambling save there on a turnover right in front of the crease. Brusty's awake.

"Sloppy in their own end" Ewww. Stop saying that.

Still haven't gotten another beer. Really sleepy. I wonder what shots are right now. Pretty high I'm thinking on Brusty's end. The bad defense is back.

Brusty nailed in the head (by a Devil, not a puck) apparently and is pissed about it, griping at the ref for not doing anything about it. Get the feeling we're going to be treated to fired up, pissed off Barry tonight. Double the fun!

Blades penalty kill coming up. Big trip and dramatic, slow get-up by victim. Please. But at least that means we get to watch Brusty more. Can't clear the zone in the second half the kill. Talking about how big Barry is and how good he is down low. He's a "burly guy" but if you're gonna beat him, it'll likely be high. (Gotta say, that pretty much applies to every butterfly goalie, fellas.)

Other goalie had to wake up from his nap to handle a Blades power play at the end of the period. Score sheet shows 11 shots on the Blades net in the first period but that's horseshit if it sticks. I know he saw more shots than that.

Okay, time to pull up Aeros and Wild games.


Easy peasy goal for Mittens around the Wings' sleeping defense. And it sounds like Sifers and Zingoni are both back in the lineup for the Aeros. Yay! Dubie in goal? Interesting. Your All Star goalie is a non-entity.

Lehtonen in goal for Chicago, still on his rehab assignment to Chicago.

And now an easy goal for Detroit. Datsyuk, who just blew two snot rockets on the bench. Sometimes I think hockey players were raised by wolves.

Wow, sick stick handling by Burns at the feet of Osgood.

Bayrack is being interviewed in the Blades intermission and is pretty much in awe of Brusty's mad skillz. Yeah. Get that guy a Lusty for Brusty shirt, will ya, girls?

Aeros down 1 already with a sneaky play by Jason Krog. I didn't see it and there's no replay on this feed, but Joe says Dubie didn't have a chance on it. Just a great play and bad defense, it sounds like.

And now they're down 2 with a tip-in from Tim Stapleton. Turn out the lights, the party's over. Knowing the Aeros, I think I'll just focus on the Blades and Wild now. Pfft.

Brusty's really playing the puck nicely tonight and the team is making good use of it.

Great stop by the Trenton goalie. He's a big dude.

Stop running your goalie, Blades.

Another goal for Mittens, who has Osgood's number tonight. But Detroit answers right away. God damn, Josh Harding, we're never gonna get rid of you, are we?

And now Gillies scores for the Aeros on the PP. Good for him! And unlike Harding, Dubie makes a HUGE save to stop Chicago from answering quickly. 2-1 Wolves.

And now Ebbett tips one in past Osgood. Perfect screen by Earl to make that happen. 3-2 Wild.

And Brusty's shutout with me watching is OVAH with a goal from Trenton. And, pissed, he launched the puck down the ice and got an unsportsmanlike penalty for it. Grumpy Brusty. Tap tap tap tap tap...

Radio guys talking about how the Devils are trying to get under Brusty's skin and how he needs to get a grip. Frankly... I wouldn't blame him if he went off on someone, but really, if there's anybody tough on this team, they need to do it for him.

And Trenton scores again. Can't really tell what happened, but unless the Blades can get some goal support going, it really doesn't matter how many get past Barry. 2-0 Devils.

Not feeling good about this game. B seems rattled. Something needs to happen to let that tension off. And this penalty to the Blades just now isn't what I'm looking for ... ugh.

OMG, now B gets a tripping call during the power play. Deep breath, B. LMAO, as soon as the play resumes 5-on-3, Barry whacks another guy with his stick ask he skates by the crease. Okay Barry. Look. If you wanna cut a bitch, then cut a bitch, eh? Go big. :)

Hmm. Harding looked a bit gimpy there getting up. You can't imagine how I hawk all the goalies to see if they get up a little slow or whatever. LOL "Ohhh! Is he hurt? Is he hurt?" Terrible, I know, but I do same to Brusty, too, though for the opposite reason. Especially when he's getting piled on 5 times a game by his own freaking teammates. They've really gotta get over that. We all want to sprawl ourselves on top Barry (what? that's just me?) but he's working there.

Man, I love cheese. Maybe I shouldn't eat swiss cheese while Brusty is playing. Heh. Kidding B.

OMG, 17 shots on Barry in the 2nd period. I think the first was more like that, too, and the shot counter wasn't quite awake. No wonder he's pissed.

Aaaaaaand another goal beats Dubie back door. 3-1 for the wolves. Blah.

FINALLY a fight in the Blades game. Some good punches thrown there. Maybe that sparks the Blades or at least settles down the chippiness aimed at the goalie. Too little, too late, I'm afraid though.

Big save by Brusty that had the radio boys screaming. Impossible to tell what happened on B2, so maybe Bethani snagged it.

WOO! Bayrack puts the Blades on the board finally, with only 3:46 left in the game.

Brusty on the bench with 50 ticks left but Blades can't hold the zone and the one good shot, Coleman makes a wicked glove save to shut 'em down.

37 shots on goal for Devils, 30 for Blades with 12 seconds left. Guarantee that's too low for Trenton.

Woof. That wasn't fun at all. Just frustrating. Though I'm kinda enjoying the jubilation with which Coleman is skating off the ice. Happy goalie. Anyway, Trenton wins 2-1.


Oh man, beautiful goal from Belanger to Latendresse. Holy hell. Every Red Wing in that end looked like they were made of stone. 4-2 Wild.

And now Havlat with another just sick sick goal from Mikko to Havlat that Osgood pretty much tips in himself, it looks like.

Now the Wings are getting grumpy. Can't imagine why.

Wolves go up 4-1 now on a tic-tac-toe play up the ice. Fire the bus up. Good grief.

Wow, the Aeros narrow the gap to 2 goals down with a Daoust shot right from the faceoff. 4-2 Chicago.

With 5 mins left, Constantine pulls Dubie, but just a few seconds in, the Wolves score to go up by 3. Sometimes I wish you could just call the game.

Really hoping there's a good West Coast game to redeem a less than thrilling night of hockey so far. Neither the Blades nor Aeros games looked like they were even any fun to play.

Calgary/Dallas and then on to Blues/Nucks. Think I'll watch those in bed. Not too sure I like this live blog concept. If you got this far, man, props. This post is as bad as the hockey it's about. I guess that's appropriate.


artandhockey  January 28, 2010 at 9:29 AM  

sounds like you had a 'split personality' - (3) night!
Maybe someone should compose a Brittenesque opera on that.
"The Lusty Three Ms. Cs". LOL.

Goody  January 28, 2010 at 9:30 AM  

I totally loved this multitasked post. Kind of "stream of consciousness".

Ms. Conduct  January 28, 2010 at 9:31 AM  

Ha! Yeah, I am kinda feeling split-personalityish today. Ms. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.

artandhockey  January 28, 2010 at 9:35 AM  

are you sure it's not Ms. Brust, Ms Clutterbuck, Ms. say, Almond?(and I am NOT going to tell what THE word is for this comment..just it is SOO apropos LOL)

Ms. Conduct  January 28, 2010 at 9:35 AM  

I liked it better after I color coded it, but it would be great if the scheduling gods would stop putting ALL 3 of my teams on the same night EVERY week. And invariably, one of those nights is the night I have to go pick up Mr. C at the airport, so I miss them all. Fak.

Ms. Conduct  January 28, 2010 at 9:39 AM  

Ha, no, I think I've still got it down to two personalities: Ms. Conduct and Mrs. Reallastname.

Having another of the many personality crises I seem to be having this season. Urgh.

artandhockey  January 28, 2010 at 10:06 AM  

ah, but Mr. Reallastname will have the joy of unravelling who you are at any given moment.. sounds like a bit polygamish! Oops.. better not.

LittleRedBeemer  January 28, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

LMAO Awesome blog, enjoyed it thoroughly, save for the fact that we lost. But yeah, Brusty is awesome in net and didn't have the support needed out front. Kind of disappointed Olsen didn't take someone out early for running him all the time. Oh wait, you don't fight your own teammates during a game ....

Love the Lusty for Brusty shirt idea. Back in TX Rack had a shirt on that said "I Rock Catholic School Girls" while getting off the bus from a road trip. So, I made a shirt with his pic on it and it said "Catholic Girls Ask Me For Tips." He autographed it for me. LOL

Sorry, no pics from last night. Worked late at school, which is my real I-earn-a-living-from job and takes precidence. But I guess it was a good game to miss. Hope you do a live blog again soon, that was great!!

Ms. Conduct  January 28, 2010 at 12:53 PM  

I can't take credit for the Lusty for Brusty shirt idea, though as I told him, I'm pretty pissed that I didn't come up with it first.

Oh well. Can't win 'em all.

Glad you guys enjoyed the format of the post. Maybe my sour mood is coloring my feelings about it. Also, I like to write and then sit on it for a bit, and then edit (sometimes heavily), so I feel like without that, I get a lower quality result.

I'll admit, I did go back and spiff a few things up. :) Compulsive much?

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