Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally, some good news!

Ms. Conduct's Home for Homeless Goalies has a graduate!

My boy Chris Holt started the season with a bit of an injury, if I recall correctly, and was sent to Elmira while Mike Brodeur and Andy Chiodo manned the pipes in Binghamton. He played well in Elmira, and when he was called up to Bingo due to injuries above him, he played even better.

And I read just now that Chiodo was just sent to Elmira and Holt will stick in the AHL, which has been his unwavering goal all season.

So, big time congrats to Chris (CHRIS HOLT!) and major props to the Bingo for handling its trinity of goalies the way I would guess they'd want to be handled.

He got a really nice chance while Brodeur was up in Ottawa and in the end, Bingo management was open-minded enough to see that the team would be better served, at least for now, with a change.

Not that I'm alluding to any other particular goalie's parallel situation here. Nope. Not me. I'm just talking about Chris Holt and only Chris Holt.

Though speaking of Chris Holt and only Chris Holt, talk about a guy who should be on Twitter. I guarantee he'd be a hit.


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