Monday, January 4, 2010

Quick Hits: Back to work Monday... ugh

Duuuude, as much I don't love the "holiday season" and all the nonsense and hullabaloo around it, I do enjoy that everybody's half-assing it at work and I get a few extra days off and some short weeks.

So, today, the day when everyone is back to the grindstone with a new year on the calendar and supposedly a fresh start, is a freakin' drag.

However, to soften the blow, I have lots of hockey to play this week.

Coach Dan has learned to drive the Zamboni so we can play longer and later on Sundays now. Great in one respect, because we get a shit ton of ice time, but tough for telling Mr.C when I'll be home. Thankfully he's cool about these things.

It was pretty fun last night, other than having trouble with some of the goalie skating drills Mikey had us doing because a) I suck b) my skates are dull and c) I had them tied way too loose. If I'd known we were going to be put thru skating drills, I would have taken the time to fix that. Pretty time consuming to have to retie your skates as a goalie once you're dressed, so I just went with it.

Had some good stops and I'm just feeling really comfortable in net right now. No anxiety or angst or second guessing myself or feeling bad about myself. I just play and have fun. If you've read me regularly and seen how much self-flagellation and anxiety and whatnot I've had, you can appreciate what a change it is for me.

Also, I just got invited out to play the SLICE drop-in tonight, so I'm pumped for that. I love that drop-in. Can't wait!

And of course, my Tuesday bunch, which I hope levels out shortly. It's been weird during the holidays with most of our regulars missing, too many goalies, too long ice-time. It hasn't been all that fun, but it's sort of the vegetables of my goaltending week. It may not taste all that good but it's good for me.


Another fun thing was "getting to" write a post for Justin Bourne's blog today. It was my wager payment for losing to him in fantasy hockey a couple of weeks ago. I just meandered around some stuff I've been mulling over in relation to goalies and goaltending. My favorite part is the Vesa Toskala take and the Vesa Cookie (thanks again, Elise!). Seriously, Vesa's just epic.


If I had a left nut to give, I'd give it for a really good cheeseburger. Those long ice times leave me ravenous the next day. By Wednesday, I'm going to be gnawing on shoe leather.


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