Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just like old times

Sure, Brusty is my favorite goalie ever, but there's just something different about the Aeros when he's on the ice with them and I challenge anyone to deny it.

It's like the difference between eating a steamed chicken breast or a sloppy mess of Hill Country barbeque.

One is basically just getting the job done: You're not hungry and you got some lean protein. Whooptie. Here's hoping dessert is good.

The other makes your eyes roll back in your head a little, and everybody at the table shuts the fuck up because eating seems like a better idea than talking. There may also be some moaning.

Aeros without Brusty = Lean chicken breast hockey

Aeros with Brusty = BBQ hockey

I'm sorry I have no vegetarian option here. Plain tofu vs. Macaroni and cheese? I dunno. Hummus? Whatever. You're on your own.

Anyway, let that serve as my preface to some killer Brusty photos from last night's 6-2 thrashing of the Milwaukee Admirals.

And in goal for the Houston Aeros, #33, The Lord of Darkness!

Not quite the Dark Lord look but still pretty Evil Villain, right? Like, "I'm so gonna go out for my #2 star and skate REALLY SLOW to taunt these bastards." No, Brusty wouldn't do that, would he?

Oh wait. Yes he would. He totally would and did. HAHAHA! That was awesome, even if he didn't have the taunting intentions I projected onto it and was just enjoying a well deserved moment in the spotlight, it was about the lingeringest star acceptance spin I've ever seen someone do in an opposing barn.

Naturally, I loved it. And judging by the shit-eatin' grin here, I'm thinking it's mutual.

All Photos by Chris Jerina

*sigh* Happy Barry. I can't look at these without smiling. (Oh, here's the full set of photos. There are more where this came from.)

Please please please let me keep him, Mr. Mill. PLEEEEEEEEZ?

So, there ya go. Next game is Sunday. Joe said Dubie was set to leave Switzerland on New Years Day. The shit is about to go down one way or another with the goalies in Houston. I'm steeling myself for disappointment, but hoping for the best.


artandhockey  January 2, 2010 at 10:53 AM  

Menace, the word, and does it hit home, eh?
So happy for you and Brusty...
go girl, get THAT TEE shirt! ;-)

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