Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Hits: Gear mods, sweat, comeback, coming up

Some goalie stuff rattling around my head today:

I ordered a new cat eye (double-bar) cage for my mask this week. $100 from Don Simmons. Easy peasy. Never changed my cage out before. No clue if that's difficult, but I figure I'll manage.

I don't think USA Hockey approves of cat eye cages, but screw them. They don't have exotropia. I really hope it helps, as I'm more and more distracted by my bars lately. I've gotten in this habit of shaking my head when someone's about to shoot on me. I'm not sure why I have to do it, but it's something to do with seeing "past" my bars. Would love to just forget the cage is there.

Dear Skaters, please don't jam your sticks in my eye. That's all I ask. Love you, Ms. C


Back to trying knee pads again. My knee hits right in that open spot between the calf protection and knee stack. Lesson in just driving to fucking Dallas and choosing your pads in person.

Couldn't find any that were comfortable, so I had to rig some. I got some Under Armor volleyball knee pads, cut the solid back out of them and sewed wide elastic across the back. Ohhhh so much more comfortable.

I guess volleyball players don't have man-calves like me. :) Oh wait. Gotta throw out some sexy antidote to that comment:


I'll get to test them out tomorrow when our new season of Novice League starts.

It's a practice and I'm already trying to get my attitude right about it. Hopefully I'll get to work on some things *I* want to work on, but even if I don't, I'll do my best to be coachable. I can put up with anything for a little while, right?


On a similar note, I was reading this post from the Razor (fun blog, BTW, I recommend it even if you aren't a Stars fan) and was struck by the quote about Rick Chartraw saying he retired because he just got tired of showering.

I get that. Whenever I'm in a fit of working out a lot, the main thing I hate is that it feels like I'm always either sweaty or about to be sweaty. It's just a non-stop cycle of sweat and showers.

That's what's kept me from working out more religiously... I loathe being sweaty. It's messy and uncomfortable. The one thing that saves it when I play goal is that blessed sweatband in my mask. It remains my favorite piece of gear because I really REALLY hate my face being sweaty.

To sweat's credit, however, I do use it as a guide, particularly in the summer when it's pretty mild-to-warm in the rink. When I feel that trickle of sweat drip down the center of my back, I feel like I'm ready to play.

Anyway, no point really. I'm just impressed by athletes' tolerance for that endless sweat/shower cycle. Mine is quite low.


Unbelievable game for the Aeros tonight. I don't normally do a big recap of away games, but this one was so worth it. Comeback of the year, fight of the year. Unreal.

Also, stay tuned. Bishop was in goal for Peoria, so I've got a treat for the ladies coming up. You can't even believe this stretch the guy does. I'm not responsible if it makes you pregnant. That's all I'll say.


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