Thursday, January 28, 2010

Harding and the goalie food chain

Josh Harding was a freaking STUD tonight. I wasn't even planning on posting tonight but shit, he was clearly in pain with just about every move and still managed to get a shutout. It was an epic, Kerri Strug-esque performance. (I'm probably insulting one or the other in making that comparison, but I mean it in the best possible way, while still sort of mocking Josh because I'm mean like that.)

Anyway, first star and a shutout for that guy and well earned.

But this certainly makes things interesting. My boy Jaeger might wanna keep his phone on him where ever he is in bumfuck CHL, because neither Backs nor Hards seem to be in particularly good shape.

If the goaltending experience is remotely universal, Harding had adrenaline in his favor tonight, which dulls pain. Imagine, with all the grimacing he was doing WITH the adrenaline (and whatever superman painkillers they'd put in him), how he's gonna be feeling in the morning. Ouchy hips make everything hurt. It's one of those deep pains. You can't ice it. It just sits there ... hurting. Ugh. I feel for him.

But the whole team just played their nuts off. It reminded me of some of the heroic defensive performances of the Aeros two years ago, back when all they had was great goaltending and gutsy defense. God, I loved that team.

I'm watching the recap of the game on On the Fly, though, and there was no appreciation for what Harding really did there. Was kinda like, "Well, normally they mostly suck so this was kind of a fluke because they have Colorado's number." Pfft. Kevin Weekes would have nailed recapping that game. Not kidding. Everything he does that isn't goalie-related is intensely uncomfortable, but his goalie commentary is often pretty good.


Still, that means Brusty is in the AHL where he belongs (at the very least). So as much as I feel for Harding, I also feel like the planets are aligned again.

Ha! They just said, "He loves to ride the hot goaltender" on OTF. Who wouldn't? *sigh*

Anyway, Brusty's in Milwaukee. No clue where it goes from here, but I'm feeling mellow about the whole thing. It's all gonna be fiiiiiiiine.

Here's a pretty cool video of Brusty's greatest hits (and some warmups?) put together by the Blades, who are surely crying in their beer at the moment. Not only is the music funktastic, but you also get to see how often he gets run by his own fucking team. Honest to god, those boys need to learn to stop. I've never seen a goalie get run by his own team more. He's not a tackling dummy, guys, he's a person.


Gonna try something new here. Like how I made my bitterness cute with sweet, fuzzy animals, I'm gonna try and make my my aching knees and other lamentations sexy:

I totally knew a change in the weather was coming tonight thanks to my knees feeling crummy.

How's that working? I think repetition is key. We'll see.

Buenos noches, gatitos....


artandhockey  January 29, 2010 at 8:17 AM  

Full Moon, too!

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