Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something completely different

Or is it?

My friend Anita and I went to the ice sculpture carving thing at Discovery Green, but first we went to Hollywood Chinese/Vietnamese for lunch. Kind of a weird place, but we got fortune cookies.


"Something you lost will come back to you."

So. There's that.

Then, the ice sculpture thing was pretty cool. It's always fun to watch people who are passionate about a craft do their work. That ice rink there at Disco Green is pretty nice, too. Throw up some nets and let's play outside! Shame to waste that thing on benders exclusively, doncha think?

Anyway, one sculpture was a HUGE (like 5' tall) crocodile mouth with a victim in its teeth.

So. There's that.

Maybe it's not so different after all.

Now, I'm home, I'm warm, and I'm full of Mongolian food. Gonna watch the Hawks peck the flesh off the bones of the hapless Wild and drink a bunch of hot drinks with booze in 'em.

This weekend is going way too fast. I'm not ready to play tomorrow, and I'm playing against Scott TFCG. Mental challenge, but I'll be ready. It's just stopping pucks, right?


Jenna  January 10, 2010 at 12:08 PM  

What? No pictures of said ice sculptures?

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