Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Hits to avoid real work for a few more minutes

You don't hear this often, but I love my mechanic. My 4Runner is getting on about 10 years old and runs like a champ, but little things are creeping up now and my guy is so great. And today I go and pick up my car after some work... he's got a hockey puck sitting on his desk.

Said they've had it in their office for about 30 years, got it in some promotional thing. Funny, but little things like that have to be signs that I'm patronizing the right business, right? If anybody needs a mechanic in central Houston: System Garage, ask for Mike.


Got some sharpening stones in the mail today (Scott, I got two. I'll give you the other if you need/want it). Never used one before so hopefully I won't screw up my blades, but it looks pretty straightforward. I just get dings and burrs from hitting the posts occasionally, but don't really like to get them sharpened too often, especially with all this soft summer ice.

If I were playing at SLICE rather than Willowbrook more regularly, I'd opt for sharper skates since that ice is so hard, but it's mush at Willowbrook.


However, it's not any easier on my knees when I bang 'em on the ice. Wanna see my knee today?

Pretty. I look like a pork chop that's gone bad. Or like Tonya Harding wants my roster spot. These aren't proud goalie bruises. They're stupid goalie bruises. Knee pads next week.


Ordered a new laptop over the weekend, one of those little Netbooks. Figure it will be good for covering hockey and it has a web cam, so next time I'll video my bruises! Sweeeeet. You can't wait!

But damn if that Free shipping Amazon offers isn't just the MFing slow boat! And it's not that the shipping itself is slow, it's that they take their sweet lollygagging time getting it out for shipment. It should really be called "SuperSaver Handling" because the shipping is fine, but they apparently process those orders from their warehouse on the moon.


Goody  August 27, 2009 at 6:53 AM  

Aren't bruises great? Kinda like scars, but not permanent.

You can always make up a story about the ones which result from less than interesting occurrences.

I've got a nice one on my shoulder now. Self inflicted. It's about 6 inches long and curiously about as wide as a stick. Either I pinched a stick between me and the boards or I ran into one of the stanchions that holds the glass. I really should wear shoulder pads to pickup.

Worst I ever saw was on my ex-wife. She was hit with a slapper on the inside of the thigh. You could see the stitches of the breezer's seam in the bruise.

Ms. Conduct  August 28, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

OMG, the stitches! That's crazy. I'm still waiting to see a bruise where you can see "Made in Slovakia" on the person. :)

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