Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Facing an expensive reality

So, I think I was forced to face a reality last night that I've been avoiding, which is that my leg pads are too tall.

Now, when you're buying leg pads, the measurement that matters most is your ATK (ankle to knee). The smart gang over at the Goalie Store BB even started a chart showing what ATK measurement is just right for each brand and size of pad. (Because god forbid the manufacturers provide that information...)

And it works great when you can't actually go to stores and try on pads, like those of us stuck in the hockey hinterlands.

The problem is when you're an idiot like me and you mis-measure your ATK... by a LOT. I measured myself at 17.5 when I bought my pads. And that was supposed to be just right for the pads I bought (RBK 6k 34"). But I've had problems the whole time I've had them with my knees sliding off the knee stack when I butterfly and the side of my knee hitting the ice.

I probably don' t have to say how painful that is, though I don't much notice during the game because I'm pretty busy, but I can feel the cold of the ice on my knee and know that I didn't land well. And I find that the faster the game, the faster I have to drop, the worse it is. Last night was the worst it's ever been. My knee is bruised and swollen this morning. :(

Of course, it's only one knee, on the leg that I can almost always make the pad rotate properly. I come down on top of the pad so often with the other leg that it doesn't get a chance to get banged up. Perhaps pad size has been a factor in that problem? I dunno. Probably just me.

Sooooo.... I have to figure this out. I'm not sure this is a sustainable or fixable situation with the pads I have, but man, Mr. C isn't going to be happy with me about this. Not that my pads were expensive to start with, but still...

My correct ATK is closer to 16-16.5" (how did I get that SO wrong?), so I've gotta hunt down some pads that work better for that and don't break the bank. For around $300 I can get the next size down of what I have, but with a Turco break (preferable). Need to see what the used market has, too.

It's always something, but now that I'm thinking about how nice it would be to not be forever sliding off the back of my knee stacks, I'm practically salivating at the thought.


Goody  August 20, 2009 at 6:58 AM  

Ironic that when you bang a body part really hard, you put ice on it. In this case, ice is both the cause of and the treatment for the injury. Maybe when you bang your knee, stay down on it for a while?

Ms. Conduct  August 20, 2009 at 3:31 PM  

I wish. But I get yelled at by Scott when I do that. I'm pretty much always slow to get up, though all these squats and stuff I've been doing have helped that a bunch.

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