Sunday, March 23, 2008

How things change

Last post, I alluded to the Aeros not doing so well. They really weren't. But apparently they were on the cusp of something because Thursday and Friday nights they beat the second best team in the AHL (best in the West). Thursday's game was the "monkey off the back" game and Friday's game was as exciting as any championship game I've ever been to. Best hockey game I've seen in person, that's for sure. I'm still in disbelief.

Tough game last night for the Wild. Lots of fights, but our gooneration didn't help us. Pouliot got his first two NHL goals. I was honestly surprised it happened that fast, but everyone else was talking like he'd been waiting forever. Whatever the case, I'm pleased for him and sorry that Iginla's amazing night overshadowed it. But maybe that's a good thing.

Went skating at SLICE yesterday, assuming it would be a mad house. I think there were maybe 15 people on the whole rink! It was wonderful. All sorts of space to do what we needed to do. Coach Stalin worked me pretty hard until we were working on stopping and I completely wiped out. Landed on my left assbone and left hand. Had to skate easy for about 10 minutes before I could even push off on my left foot. Yowza. Came home and sat on my ice pack until it was warm. Still hurts pretty good today. My wrist is also a bit sore, which I expected, even though it was fine yesterday.

My skates were SOOOO dull. Yuck. They had no bite and I'm sure that's why I fell and why I had to work really hard at everything yesterday. Felt really unstable at speed and they were making a terrible noise on the ice. I was glad to be done. They'll be getting sharpened along with my new goalie skates.


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