Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My goalie skates came yesterday! I stood and sat around in them during the whole (miserable) Wild/Oilers game last night and they seem to fit just fine. I do have to lace them up tighter than my player skates though. Maybe it's just a new skate thing. The only thing weird about them is that one lace is WAYYY longer than the other. It really messes with my need for things to be symmetrical, so I will probably buy new laces when I get them sharpened.

The skate shop opens at 11 so I might run them up during lunch.

Aeros game tonight.

Haven't worked out in a couple of days but my bruised butt is feeling better enough today that I will do my leg strengthening workout at least. I can flex my glutes without wimpering in pain. That's a good thing! And I was able to spend some time in my crouch last night while trying on my skates. Man, I can't wait to get those babies on the ice. :)

I think I'll try them on one more time before I get them sharpened just to be extra sure they fit. There is a bit more room in the toe than in my player skates of the same size and brand, but my feet don't move around in them at all. I also want to put some more comfortable insoles in them, so that should make them fit more snug with less lace-tightening effort.

Okay, I just took the insole out and put my foot on it. They're fine. Any shorter and my big toe would be hitting the front side of the boot.


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