Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Several thoughts on goalies lately:

First, poor Tosky getting that bad bounce from the other side of the rink last night. I just hurt for the guy, but I also know how easily that can happen.

Second, what the hell is Brian Rolston doing taking slapshots during practice at Josh Harding's head at this point in the season. Slapper exploded Josh's mask (which I never liked, so that's okay... and Josh is fine though I bet his ears are ringing still) and Rolston just says, "Don't be a goalie." How about don't be a prick, Roli.

Third, at the Aeros game Monday, there was a time out. And the puck is on the ice for a faceoff by the Flames' net. Goalie is in net and I'm looking at him (because I'm always watching the goalies), and the dude is just staring at the puck. Staring at it like it's gonna grow legs and try to get in his net if he doesn't watch it. He must have done this for a full minute. Just staring at that puck and it's just him and the ref and the puck waiting for play to resume. It was pretty funny (and yet I could totally see myself doing that). Suppose he was talking to that puck? Willing it to stay out of his net? Whatever. I love it. Goalies are nutty and fabulous.

Finally, I was looking at this Sports Illustrated site with lots of close up pictures of NHL goalie masks and noticed that SO many goalies have blue eyes. I'm hoping that's a sign that us blue eyed folks have better puck vision or something. :)


Ended up not doing yoga last night, but did do some hand/eye work with a tennis ball. Nearly broke some art on the wall in the process but no harm was done. Then I did a bunch of squats and some plyos and then a bunch of stretching and some abs while the Kings and Sharks played. God bless hockey in HD.

Oh and those one leg squats I was thinking were such a good idea yesterday? My knees said, "You're f'king crazy, bitch, if you think we're doing that!"

My skates are coming from the "remote warehouse" so add 4 days to my delivery. Grrr! UPDATE: They'll be here Tuesday!! Scratch that! Now it's MONDAY! YAY!

Going to the Aeros game tonight with Coach Stalin and a woman who sometimes plays goal for the novice and other teams up at Willowbrook. Need to ask her who sharpens her goalie skates.

More Update: Did yoga. I'm all zen. Actually, I'm not, but I'm glad I did it. My hamstrings were so tight and they're mucho better now. But my knees hurt. Vitamin I to the rescue. Also, Major has started growling at me when I get in my goalie stance facing him. LOL I must look very threatening. :)


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