Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thanks Zodiac

From my goaltending advisor:

Push yourself to go way lower then you feel comfortable. Leave your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to fall.

I always tell my players if you're not falling, you're not trying.

Whatever you do don't stop moving forward. Always have the next goal in mind. What you are going to buy. What you are going to learn. When you lose focus and momentum you are in a danger zone to fail and have just regret...
Ain't that the friggin' truth?

He's convinced me that I need to get goalie skates sooner than later and pads not much longer after that. Problem is, I've set some expectations that I wouldn't be buying gear until the end of this year. It's March. Skates will be at least $200 and pads another $500+ unless I can find some used. I'm quite the frustrated wanna-be goalie right now.

But I am heading over to Chelsea Piers shortly to skate on real, honest to god hockey ice. That should get some of the frustration out. More later.

Update: Rolling like Russo here with my post skate update. :) I skated for about 50 minutes until I started fading and getting too frustrated by the crowds. Of course, it took me an hour to get there and to get back. Glad I didn't try to do that on a weekday, though I'm sure the ice would have been a lot less crowded. Anyway, did some good, strong swizzle laps and worked on stopping as much as I could given the crowds. Tried extra hard to focus on keeping my knees bent and having a strong stride. Of course that means skating faster, so I had to be selective about it. Sorta like trying to go 70 in rush hour traffic. I feel a bit better. Also excited about the Rangers game tomorrow even though their baby team, the Hartford Wolfpack, are a bunch of hot-headed goons. I'll remember Dane Byers next year. I know people are giving Pouls shit for turtling but I don't have an issue with it. Keep scoring, Princess.


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