Friday, March 14, 2008


Woke up at 1:30 a.m. and just couldn't get back to sleep. Makes me crazy to lay in bed and not sleep, so I got up to watch the Wild game, even though I knew the outcome.

Anyway, I haven't really ever sat down and watched a Devil's game until tonight (this morning), but wow, Marty Brodeur is f'ing incredible. And he's not incredibly creepy like Hasek, who I could not support due to the extreme heebie jeebies he gives me.

Marty looks like he's not even on ice, his movements are so sharp. His pads aren't enormous. He's just so agile and even when he's scrambling, he looks like he knows exactly what he's doing. I'd love to see him break Sawchuk's shut out record. That would be incredible. I'd root against my own team to see that. :)

Backstrom, on the other hand, had some good saves but needs to see the team shrink about his shoot-outs.

Kelly got hurt in the Wild game tonight so Pouliot is on the first flight to Minny in the morning and will be there for practice at noon. Man, I'd love to see that. Poor Steve though... finally gets another shot up and gets injured in his second game. But as I've said, everything happens for a reason... It was time for them to shit or get off the pot with Pouls. I'm excited to see what happens. He was SO BAD in the Aeros game tonight.

Darby Hendrickson is so much better looking when he's on the ice than when he's behind that desk commentating. What's up with that?

Okay. Gonna try for sleep again. Big meeting today at work and being zombified is a bad thing.


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