Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Skates

Well, after a few days of low motivation and travel and whatnot, I'm feeling the mojo coming back. Or maybe that's just my ass pain from doing my leg strengthening yesterday. Oy. Sore glutes, baby! Feels gooood. :)

So, I finally ordered my goalie skates. Look upon their fabulousness:

Okay, they're only fabulous because they're mine. They're pretty low end really, but they'll do just fine. I'm so excited to skate in them. I do feel like I've made very good progress in my player skates, but I'm almost to the point where I'll be learning harder skills and I'd rather not have to re-learn them in different skates later. The difference between going from player skates to goalie skates has been compared to going from regular shoes to clown shoes. :) This should be interesting, eh?

Awesome Aeros game last night. The new kids from Beaumont actually looked like they fit right in, and all 3 goals came from defensemen, which is kinda cool. Pouliot actually looked pretty decent in his first game up with the Wild, which is very satisfying to see. I guess Jacques was pretty happy with him since he got some time with Gabby and Demo later in the game when we were up by 2.

Tonight, I'm watching the Minnesota v. Minnesota State game. We watched the game on Friday and it was pretty exciting. I can only imagine if Texas had college hockey... I'd be flipping my shit at a UT/A&M game. Of course, there could never be enough fighting... :)


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