Thursday, March 20, 2008

Little bits of progress

Sadly, not a post about the Aeros game last night. Unless you count not wearing those godawful St. Patrick's day jerseys progress. And I do. The boys are not dress up dolls. At least not with Pouls here. Kidding! Nothing but love, Pouly.

But no, the progress is that I think my hand/eye coordination is improving! I picked up a couple of the juggling bean bags and was actually a LOT better than when I sat them down in frustration a month and a half ago. Still don't see how I'll ever juggle 3 of them but even the littlest improvements in this are heartening.

Okay, I have a plea. Aeros gameday folks: Please work some Tragically Hip into the warm-up and/or time out music. I'd suggest "The Darkest One" or "Fireworks" (though you'll have to edit out the "fuck") as great upbeat choices.


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