Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interesting hockey weekend

The Pouliot drama was coming fast and furious this weekend after Dane "Men DO get PMS!" Byers punched him and slammed his face into the ice in a frightening Bertuzzi-esque display. Still waiting to hear about that suspension, AHL! *tick tock*

Anyway, I'm tired of the subject, it's been hashed and rehashed so many times in so many places. And, BTW, I was right and you suckahs was wrong.

I also discovered that Scott's suspension back in February was 3 games, not 1. I'm even more convinced that's why he stayed on the bench (aside from coaches holding guys back). My guess is, the next suspension would have been for the rest of the season.

Moving on...

Rangers/Bruins game on Sunday was most excellent. The seats were very good and we could see everything going on. I was disappointed that Chara wasn't playing, but the goaltending on both ends was SO excellent, that alone was worth the price of admission. Lundqvist was completely in the zone. Very cool to hear them chanting HEN-RIK over and over. Even that pest Avery put on a little show, throwing water bottles during an angry visit to the penalty box.

Today is my last full day in NY and I'm so ready to get home and resume normal life and get into a routine again. We fly home tomorrow afternoon.

I've found the goal skates I want. Pretty good price, really, though I wish it wasn't so much to ship. I think I'm going to return the knee pads I got because they're not going to do what I need them to and I'd rather put the money toward skates.

Haven't worked out the last two days other than walking around the city, and boy was I restless last night as a result. Today I'll do my leg strengthening work and stretching. Might even see about throwing in some yoga. In fact, I should commit to that. I'm doing yoga!


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