Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oxygen... STAT

So, I strap on my ipod, put on my marathon music, and head for the stairwell of the 27 floor building I'm in.

Here are the stats:

Songs played: .75 (note the POINT)

Flights traveled: 10

Lungs sent into orbit: 2

Somewhere along the way, perhaps during the sitting on my ass part of the journey, whatever cardiovascular fitness I had from marathoning is GONE. I didn't even break a sweat and my legs weren't that tired but I was wheezing like a 20 year smoker climbing Mt. Everest.

That was embarrassing. And I'm posting it here as a notice to myself. Do or die, bitch.

I'll be doing that little exercise every day until I leave NY.

But if there's a silver lining, prior to doing my leg strengthening exercises, my legs would be SO DEAD right now. As it is, my legs feel like I haven't even left the couch.

I'll give it another go in a little while. When I quit coughing. Ya rly.

Update: No more stairs but about 2.5 miles of brisk walking in my quest for a friggin' printer cartridge. Gonna do some good stretching tonight before bed.


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