Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SLICE is nice

Ya ever have one of those nights where you give someone a wide open net and they whiff, fall down, and your defense accidentally puts the puck in your net on the clearing attempt?

That's kinda how I'm feeling tonight.

Thankfully my on-ice performance actually wasn't too shabby.

In fact, if I'd been keeping score, I think I might have won, because the other goalie got so lazy in the second half that she didn't even go down for shots. It was weird. But whatever. Way to make me look like a hard motherfuckin' worker out there. I'll take all the help I can get.

I may have some video to post, as my pal Snik came out and took video of about the last 3o or 40 minutes. Maybe you'll get to see them burn me glove side about seventy-billion times. Fucking glove.

A couple of things:

I got my Maltese neck and clavicle guard from UPS today and wore it tonight. As reviews promised, I didn't notice it at all while playing. Very comfortable, didn't really add to the heat, and the best part? SILENCE... I could move my head and the annoying plastic rattle of the dangler didn't jar my brain. Ahhh... Bliss!

The only problem is the "new" smell of it, even overpowered the stink of everything else I wear (which is really saying something). Kind of a chemical smell, so I'm hoping a few washes and that will dissipate. Still better than an odorless, noisy dangler.

Also, I wear these old cotton yoga pants when I play. I'd put knee pads in one pair because I was banging my knees on the ice when I went down, and I've been wearing those for several months. But tonight for some reason, I wore the pair without the knee pads and WOW was my butterfly so much better!!

I guess the thickness of the knee pads was interfering with the pads turning on my leg and without them and with the work I've been doing on that, they just flip down perfectly almost every time. Now I just need to work on being more vertical when I go down. I tend to let my weight fall backward a bit and I about ended up in the splits a couple of times. Ouch. But hey, I'll take progress.

And my knees don't feel banged up at all, so perhaps the knee pads are a thing of the past, too. That would be great since I have to keep re-sewing them.

Anyway, a good night in goal.


Nick  November 3, 2009 at 11:04 AM  

That's interesting to hear that your pad rotation issue was coming from your knee pads. I'm curious to hear how you're sewing them in? I wear sweat pants under my pads, but they're ultra-thin material so not really like sweat pants but unsure what else to call them (maybe more similar jogging pants either).

I then put on volleyball knee pads over my sweat pants. Then I adjust them slightly inwards. My (rollerhockey) leg pads don't have much for knee stacks, so this is what I supplement with. I've never noticed a problem with pad rotation, but I do constantly work on my knee flexibility with stretching.

If you start having issues with your knees again, you might try this out?

Goalie_Gal  November 3, 2009 at 8:18 PM  

Glad to hear the collar/clav worked well. I might have to invest in one. I can't stand the dangler either- I wear the Maltese collar but as last Friday proved I could probably stand having some extra clavicle protection.

I want to see video. :) Your blog cracks me up, I love reading it.

Ms. Conduct  November 3, 2009 at 8:28 PM  

Nick, I think it was both. I've been working hard on getting that toe kicked up so my pad flips correctly. Muscle memory and whatnot. So I think it's a combination of reducing that "drag" in the knee cradle AND the work I've been doing.

We'll see. Tonight is my hardest game of the week, so we'll see how my knees fare. It is amazing how "floppy" my pads seem on my legs without those knee pads in though. Like they're just flapping around on me. Will take a bit to get used to that.

I tried wearing the vb knee pads like they were meant to be worn (but turned inward a bit like you said) but they're so tight on my leg and very uncomfortable, which is why I cut the pad out and sewed it into my pants. They're skin tight so I'm not sure much would be different.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes tonight.

Thanks for the kind words, GG. Yeah, it definitely seems like the gel would have saved you on the collar bone shot you got.

I actually went ahead and cut the neck guard off my c/a. With the extra thickness of the clav guard, it was really pushing the chin of my mask up and changing my line of sight a bit. Very annoying. And I don't feel like I need it with this neck guard. Hope I'm right.

Snikpip  November 4, 2009 at 12:11 AM  

I'll do my best to get the video clips worked on. I kinda half-assed previewed them last night and discovered a potential problem. The ones I took at the smaller resolution were fine, but I had changed the reso early on and those are the ones that I warned ya about being "herky-jerky". Not sure if they'll be h-j or not when I send them to ya. Compared to Fred's ability with all things camera-related I'm still at Pee-Wee/Pop Warner level.

Unfortunately, the weather this lovely midnight (and presence of beer in the fridge) is perfect for a trash fire and unloading about 700 lbs. of broken bags of topsoil/mulch/potting soil/rocks from the Deep Homo (that's the Home Depot for those of y'all that're unaware) out of the truck. Cost all of $1.26. Woo-freakin-hoo!!

I'll make a mental note not to offer the Light Stuff next time I get to catch one of yer games. What's yer poison?

Ms. Conduct  November 4, 2009 at 7:54 AM  

Snik, I usually won't drink when I have another game the next day, but I'm more of a Dos Equis/Blue Moon kinda girl. Like if it usually comes with a slice of fruit, I'm loving it. :)

No sweat on the video. Anything you can get is icing on the cake.

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