Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm not a pessimist, I'm an optometrist

Practice tonight and I was the only goalie, so lots of work for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't much up to the task. My legs just felt like lead tonight. I went out to stretch with just my lower gear on and when I was done, I swear it felt like I had 5 lb weights strapped to each skate.

And it's been a quite some time since my feet were just aching in these skates. I thought I had them broken in but I actually think I had them a bit loose and I was hopping from foot to foot trying to get the pressure off all night long.

And these piece of shit sweat bands I got (anybody got suggestions for where to get GOOD replacements?) had strings hanging down in front of my eyes. That's good for vision.

Ugh, I was just a mess from a "comfort in gear" standpoint.

The coaches shot on me for a while during the skating drills and then the skaters did a few drills where they were shooting on me . The best for me was the wrist shot drill because I was shuffling to my weak side, so that was good practice for me. My janky wrist is gonna hurt tomorrow though since I stopped nearly everything tonight with my stick. Lots of stick action always gets my wrist going. (That sentence was just for you gutter brains out there. Enjoy.)

Hockey Falling Tip 101: Land on your elbows rather than your hands. This wrist of mine is probably never going to get better. I hurt it in a fall back when I first started skating out nearly a year and a half ago.
Anyway, then we scrimmaged. Cone was in the other goal, and cone's usually pretty much a wall. Nobody can beat cone. But cone let in 2 goals tonight and I let in none, thank you very much. And that was 40 minutes of play. Though to be fully disclosureful (my very own Rickyism), I saw maybe 5 shots all night. My defense kept the game pinned down in their offensive zone for probably 30 of those 40 minutes.

Doesn't count really but it was nice to see 2-0 on the scoreboard when we left. Haven't seen that... ever. Haha...

The funny part of the night was when we got to talking about goalie gear and I brought my goalie skates out for show and tell in the parking lot. Most skaters don't realize how different goalie skate are. Mostly they were amazed by how freaking heavy they are, and didn't realize the blade was flat and longer. It's always fun to share a little of what it's like in Goalieworld.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for the night. Seeing as how I dozed off just sitting on the couch for a minute to pet the dog when I got home (was awakened by the cold nose sniffing my face, checking for life, I suppose), I think I can safely not buzz around for 3 hours waiting to wind down and pass out.

And with that, screw music. I'm in the mood for Rickyisms:


Nick  November 16, 2009 at 10:45 AM  

Not sure what you consider to be a 'good' sweat band, but I found 9-10 websites that carry them. It also depends on what brand you're looking for? You wear a Hackva, right? They show them on their catalog, but they don't really have a store on their website that I seen where you could click-and-buy. Otherwise, the absolute least expensive I saw was $9 for a pair of Itech's on If you want to know the other sites I saw that had them, hit me up on email, I have a relatviely quick and dirty way to search. ;-)

Your bit on goalie skates cracked me up and gave me some deja vu since I've had the same discussion + the differences with wheel sizes for roller. Did you tell the same crowd about left vs. full-right goalies? Some of the guys on my team were like 'Wow, I didn't even think about that?!'. Ironically, the same guys happened to be Red Wings fans who think by that virtue that they are all-knowing in regards to hockey. Stupid f'n Red Wings fans ...

Trivia: Name the NHL team in which both goalies (starter and backup) shoot right?

Ms. Conduct  November 16, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

The one that originally came with my Hackva was good. Like I could go more than an hour without sweat dripping down my face.

I know I got an email from Hackva once saying who to contact to get more, but it seemed overly complex at the time. Was easier just to pick some up off ebay, but they're pretty shitty and even less absorbent than my failing Hackva band.

I'm sure I've googled it, but I was hoping someone had a recommendation so I don't waste my time on crappy ones again. Might just have to man up and hunt down the Hackva kind again. Nards.

I can't believe people don't know about left and right. Though I know it confuses people about the curve of the stick being opposite to a player's stick for the particular handedness.

It was funny, I was cleaning out the garage Saturday and picked up my player stick and my instinct was to hold it like a goalie stick. Never was comfortable with holding that thing. Felt so awkward sticking out all the time. Goalie sticks make more sense to me. Goal makes more sense to me, so I guess it figures.

Gosh, I feel bad for not knowing this. I'd have to look it up. I'll see if someone else wants to give it a shot.

Nick  November 16, 2009 at 12:38 PM  

Do you have velcro in your mask for the sweat band? Otherwise, you might consider picking up one of Under Armour's skull caps. They're usually about $15 + they're easy to pick up at just about any sporting goods store and you don't have to wait for an order to ship. I got one when I was borrowing someone else's mask (sans sweat bandage) while mine was getting painted. The skull cap works pretty good and sometimes I wear it in addition to the sweat band.

BTW, I love gutter brain comments ... keep 'em coming! Gotta point out the one in your reply ... "Like I could go more than an hour without sweat dripping down my face." Awesome, LOL!

Ms. Conduct  November 16, 2009 at 12:47 PM  

Oh baby if you like gutter, you're in the right place. I should have just called it The Gutter but then I'd get a bunch of bowling freaks here and I don't need that.

So, I found instructions for making a sham-based sweatband and I'm going to try that out. I can sew a bit and it looks pretty easy and way cheap, so why not give it a go? I can have it ready for drop in tomorrow night and not have to suffer with these craptastic ones anymore!

Anonymous  January 4, 2010 at 12:07 PM  

I know this is way out of date - jumped over from Bourne's blog - but pick up a lululemon headband. For about $9 they are awesome under the helmet - I can't stand the full skullcap so I have a few of these and they are the cat's ass for hockey even though they are made for yoga.

Ms. Conduct  January 4, 2010 at 12:14 PM  

Thanks for the tip! My ShamOMG sweatbands are pretty awesome though, so until I find a flaw in those, I'm sticking with that. I will, however, tell my skater friends who have trouble with hair in the eyes and stuff. Never have figured out why skater helmets don't have a sweat band. They need to see, too!

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