Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quick Hits: Take off, hoser!

First up, I know I'm always demanding you read this blog or that blog, but I try to only feed y0u the very best stuff.

Justin Bourne is at it again, this time taking on the homophobic culture of hockey. Read the original piece here and his response to the response (so far) here.

I frankly don't have a lot to say about the subject, other than I support the sentiment. I certainly don't contribute to the problem as it seems like there are a lot funnier ways to make fun of people, especially in a sport as humbling as hockey, but I think it's a guy thing.

And really, sometimes my dealings with some men are so bewildering and frustrating (probably for them, too), I gotta think the gays are on to something. Stick with your own kind and save a lot of headaches trying to bridge the Mars/Venus gap.

But there's penises and strong arms and that bit of scruffy beard brushing your cheek (not necessarily listed in order of enjoyment, as shocking as that might be to some of you).


Where was I?

Homophobia. Right. But I think I've pretty much said all I want about it. The whole thing just falls under the, "Don't be such a f**king prick" category. But a lot of things are falling under that today.

Kudos to Justin for, as always, writing a really thoughtful piece and showing vulnerability that most guys don't have the stones to show. Takes a big man to say, "I've been doing this wrong, like, forever. I'm sorry. Let's fix it."


Totally feeling this song today.

Christ, I love Lily Allen.


And while I'm on video, Wild.com pointed readers to this fun video of Wild goalie coach Bob Mason getting his fight on (and, well, losing) back in the day, plus it's in French.

It's fun to watch a little hockey in French occasionally. It's all "blah blah blah LE BUUUUUUUUT! blah blah blah" to me since I can't do anything BUT acknowledge a goal in French. Oh, and say, "Yes."

Though I gotta say, skater/goalie fights aren't nearly as fun to watch as goalie/goalie fights. Something about a couple'a marshmallows going at is just fabulous. The head butt is pretty nice though.


More hockey for me tonight. Hips are hurting from going Bambi a few times last night. And I mean that in the "small deer on ice going boom with legs askew" sense. Not any other sense. Wish I had some buddies at this drop-in. I could use a post-game drink that doesn't end in "Lite." For that matter, I could use a mid-afternoon drink.


buddhafisch  November 3, 2009 at 4:05 PM  

I put in my two cents over on Puck Daddy's post, but the entire debate makes me sick. How many years have to pass before people can just accept each other for who they are and move on?

I am all for goodhearted name calling, and have more than once called my friends a derogatory word. Those are my friends though, and in the privacy of our own conversations. I have gay friends and gay family who call me all kinds of terms that most people would be highly offended by. It is all done in love.

That said, the term "gay" has become so normal for some people to express a negative feeling that they don't even know they are doing it.

Let's put it this way. I am not gay. However, I am will stand toe-to-toe with any one who has an issue with someone else being gay, or saying that gay people do not get equality, or that there is something wrong with gay people.

I will stand toe-to-toe, and I will drop the mitts with everyone of you. In the literal and figurative.

I would love to get my hands on a few bigots of any kind. Anytime, any place, I'll man up and be there. Will you?

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