Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Hits: Chicks dig bruises & an offer to my goalie readers

Am I ever bruised up today. I forgot to mention the most painful shot I took last night, right in the boob. Seriously, I need to get busy on that armored bra. My forehead still has a hangover from that shot in the head, but the boob one hurt way worse at the time.

Nothing like watching your goalie trying to rub the sting out of her chest as the play moves to the other end (thankfully). Damn. That hurt. I really need to learn to catch.

My knees are bruised again, too, but my butterfly was so good last night, I don't really give a crap. BOTH knees are bruised, which is a new thing because that right pad is finally flipping up properly more than its not (can't say the same for Sunday night, when I had my straps a bit tight).

Between my defenseman running me Sunday (WE made the save though!), and getting the puck knocked out of me Monday, I can't wait to see what happens tonight. I may need a wahhhhbulance to get home. ;)


I've continued my ShamOMG sweatband experiment and think I have a winner. Looks like the thicker orange sham fabric is the best. Four layers is about the right thickness. I used that one Sunday and the yellow with 5 layers last night and could wring a fair bit of sweat out of the yellow when I was done. And that was just an hour of playing.

Sunday, I couldn't wring a drop out of it and that was an hour and a half, though I don't feel like I got quite as hot either. Monday is a little tougher night.

Anyway, I'm going to make a bunch up with the rest of the material. I think the yellow with 6 layers might be good, too. 5 was a bit thin. It is definitely softer though. Wonder if having a yellow layer on the forehead side but orange everywhere else wouldn't be just perfect, actually. Hmmm!

So, my dear goalie readers, if you want me to send you one, shoot me an email (link is in the sidebar) with your address, and I'll mail as many off as I can make with this batch of material I have. And really, it was only $8 for a huge box of the material so I can make more. Considering you'd spend $15+ for ONE of these, that's a steal.

Let's call it my 2 year bloggiversary (in January)/happy holidays/thanks for reading and supporting and putting up with my neuroses gift to my fellow tenders. Don't be shy! I'm not saying they'll be pretty. Sewing isn't exactly my strong suit, but it's kinda like pie. Doesn't really matter how the piece looks on the plate as long as it tastes good.


Anonymous  November 26, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

Hey kiddo as you sort of mentor with playing goal don't obsess on a good or bad game on these nights. It's drop in/pickup hockey so your D isn't always focused or going all out. When a puck goes past think what could I have done to stop it make a mental note and keep going. It will help you improve but don't get crazy down on yourself because we all have good and bad nights. By playing with the same people they are also learning where you are weaker and continue to try and score on you in that same way until you solve it. In the end it has made the games I've played against new or different groups much easier. Rome wasn't built in a day and you'll never stop learning in goal. Don't get too down on yourself but keep a positive out look that every puck that goes by is a new opportunity to learn to get better. Playing 3 in 3 will get easier as your fitness improves but if you can't make it or feel too worn call me up and I'll cover if you need.

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