Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intent to Blow and Other Quick Hits

God help me. I love the innuendo of hockey.

Now, I know as a fan of the game I should be upset about that whole deal with Brad May's goal not counting, because it was clearly a goal and the goofy "war room" system failed big time here, but:

  1. It's Brad May. Not that I wish him any serious ills, but getting screwed out of a goal? Yeah, I'm okay with that.
  2. When I played that Toyota Center game, I had at least two goals EXACTLY like that waved off. I mean, those bad boys were IN the net but just behind the post and hidden by the toe of my pad. Ref: "Was that in?" Me: "Nope." *smile* Hey, I was getting lit up and not feeling very sportsmanlike.
  3. I have many times had my bacon saved thanks to the official's "intent to blow." In fact, you might say intent to blow is a goalie's best friend. Well, after the posts and shot-blocking defensemen.
  4. It's Brad May. Who gives a shit?
  5. It's the Red Wings. Weren't they due for looking human? I'm rather enjoying it.
  6. It's Brad May. Meh.
BTW, I recognize that I'm a day late with this and we've all moved on to the rather hilarious (assuming he's okay... if not, it's just secretly hilarious) cartoonish way in which Derek Dorsett fell down, went boom after James MFing Neal tapped him on the shoulder. Or the embarrassing fight among idiot Ducks fans over Nieder's stick. But I don't want to talk about either of those things.


I hope Kevin Weekes gets better at the TV thing. He's very handsome and belongs on TV. Just maybe not talking. Maybe just have the flat screen with highlights and him smiling and gesturing at it like Vanna White.


I find myself rooting for the Ducks these days because I have so many Ducks players on my fantasy teams. In fact, I traded for two of them just this week. Added Selanne and Getzlaf on two different teams.

I'm starting to heal my relationship with that team now that Pronger is gone, but I still feel a bit dirty. Hiller's pretty coppery mask makes me feel a little less dirty.


L'Oreal quit making my hair color. This happens to me every few years and I end up in the hair color aisle of every CVS and Walgreens in my area staring desperately at the spot between blond and brunette where the reds are and holding back tears.

I'm not a particularly vain or girly girl but you get the wrong color of red going and it can really go south. Too orange and you look like Bozo the Clown. Too purple and you look fake, trashy, and ruddy. It's tough to get a natural-looking red, even if you go to a salon. I've only ever had one stylist who could do it right (and she was a red herself so she "got" it).

Anyway, the Fake Redhead Gods threw me a bone, and the next closest color is actually just fine.

Another bullet dodged.


I still love you, James MFing Neal. Don't do that again, but you're still my second favorite forward in the League.


A lot of good hockey last night, as I watched marathon-style from 6 clear until the brawl for Niedermayer's stick ended, including listening to a CHL game on my computer. In the extremely unlikely event that there a) is a heaven and b) I end up there, it will just be me in a river of hockey games, with Kevin Weekes waving his arm gently at the one I'm watching.

But here's my conclusion: You can't tell me scoring isn't absolutely perfect right now. They need to stop right where they are with the goalie gear regulations. This is truly a ridiculous path they're on. What is it with the inability of the NHL to say, "Hey, we were wrong. Let's go another direction with this." NHL hockey is just damn fun right now. Don't change a thing.


I worked out for the first time in, like, 3 months last night. Ever since these 3 in 3s started, I've been sore clear until Saturday, so I have been lazy Wed-Sat. But yesterday I did a bunch of squats, some shoulders and some abs.

OMG my legs hurt. In a great way though, other than every time I rolled over in bed, I woke up from the pain. Still. Great stuff.

Though a perfect world would be getting to play every other day and never have to do a real workout. It's so boring, I won't even tell you the little games I have to play with myself to keep motivated.


Aeros game tonight, but I'll be missing it other than on the radio and John's tweets. The good thing is that Mr.C is coming home after being gone two weeks. Thank god!


Goody  November 23, 2009 at 7:34 AM  

Red eh? Not surprising given your uh... perspective on life.

Not that that's a bad thing, my wife who I love dearly is a redhead.

Agnes  November 27, 2009 at 12:33 AM  

I am late reading this but agreeing on Brad May's waved off goal. My thoughts were eh...Brad May, who cares...and then figured, maybe he had it coming. Karma and all

And it totally sucks when they stop making your hair color. I finally gave up and just went back to my natural, but I think I'll be mixing that up again in a few years.

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