Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A little trip into my subconscious mind...

I always have crazy dreams during pre-game naps. Today, though, if my subconscious mind could hold a hammer, I'd have a lump on my head.

I dreamed that I was going to a hockey rink. Looked a lot like Memorial City if you enter from the mall side. And I'm walking down the walkway toward the locker rooms and ALL the other goalies are already dressed and out on the ice taking shots and playing around and having fun.

But right away, I'm thinking, "Fuck. I'm behind. Why am I even doing this? They're all better than me."

And then all these pucks start flying at my head from out of nowhere and I'm going, "WTF? Assholes!" but they don't stop. And just as I started to panic and get desperate, I realized, "Hey, I'm a goalie!" and put one leg pad in each hand and start blocking all these shots flying at my as-yet-unmasked face.

It was still stressful, but I distinctly felt much better once I remembered I had the tools to stop these pucks.

I don't think we need to call the dream interpreter on that one, eh? Probably the most literal dream I've ever had. And a nice way to start preparing for my game tonight.

Meanwhile, thank you to my hair salon for calling and waking me up about 20 minutes into it. I get my hair cut like twice a year, only when I'm desperate beyond reason... trust me, I'm gonna remember my appointment tomorrow.


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