Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ended up going skating last night after spinning in the morning. Talk about a rough day on the legs... But I actually did okay. I couldn't have done the 1.5-2 hours that we do on the weekends, but I worked on a few things. It was pretty crowded, especially a fairly large group of rink rats, which is always dangerous and annoying.

Anyway, I worked on stopping hardly at all. It's hard to there with as crowded as it is. Did just a smidge of backwards, but it went really smoothly until I got into a crowded area and freaked out a little. Fortunately, with no figure skaters there, we could use the center of the ice to practice crossovers, which Coach Stalin says I'm teaching myself bad habits. Also did lots of swizzles and c-cuts. I worked up a big sweat anyway (man, it was hot in there) and felt like I tested myself a bit given how tired my legs were from spinning. I was pretty satisfied.

So, that's it for nearly a week since I'm headed out of town tomorrow morning. I might try to go at lunchtime on Monday when I get back and then maybe on Wednesday or Thursday since it looks like I'll be gone the following weekend, too. I'm gonna need Coach Stalin BAD by the end of this.


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