Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hip is feeling a bit better, though the bruise is getting bigger and bluer (and yellower). I can at least lay on that side now.

As per my commitment here yesterday, I did my yoga DVD last night without a twinge of pain, so that's good. Lots of snap/crackle/pop in my hips and lower back though. Woof.

I'm thinking about hitting a spin class this evening. Need to think fast since I'll have to leave soon.

The exciting news is that Coach Stalin's team is getting a power skating lesson from Andrea Besson in July, and she sweet-talked me an invite to join the team for this lesson. Very nice of Coach Dan to let my lowly prospect ass join in the fun. Nice to have sort of a short term goal to prepare for (though I have no idea what I'm really preparing for since I'm not sure what all Andrea's going to be going over).

So, that's pretty cool. Sounds like we're going skating tomorrow night. Will be interesting to see how the hip responds.

ETA: Spinning done. Man, it was tough but good. May make this Wednesday class a regular thing. Good hard midweek workout. The usual headache is in full force. Thankfully I'm already in my jammies or I'd be heading out to find a dessert-based solution to the headache. Should down some Advil instead.


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