Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hell.. Oh

Well, it's nearly a week since I last posted. Spent a very loooong weekend in Vermont but had a lovely time and saw my beautiful friend get married to a great guy. Also drank many margaritas on their dime at the reception and danced a bunch, so I'm sure there are seriously embarrassing photos out there.

Anyway, I always seem to take a few days to recover from a trip and it doesn't help that Mr. Conduct ran out of town less than 24 hours after I got back, because I'm always lazier when he's gone. But maybe some quiet time isn't a bad thing after being "ON" all weekend.

Haven't worked out at all, other than making sure I worked my quads extra while I danced. :) Definitely need to do something tonight, yoga if nothing else. My lower back is talking to me from all the standing I did this weekend. Hope I can work some of that out.

The draft is less than 2 weeks away and I'm getting excited about it. Also, the Wild are doing what looks like a really fun road trip around Minnesota with a few of the players. I really hope that the fact that Fridge and Voros are on the trip means they're going to be re-signed. Chicago could win the Calder Cup tonight, so I need to set that up to record. The last of the hockey, I guess. Man, I hate the off-season.

At least I'm going to end up being at home this weekend, so I can get in a good, long weekend skating session. I feel like I haven't skated for a month.


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