Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Skate

So I did end up doing abs and weights (chest and arms) on Friday night. Good little workout but man, I'm still sore. I have got to get more diligent about that.

Coach Stalin worked me pretty hard yesterday. We're always having to tighten up my fundamentals when we go a spell without a lesson, but it wasn't as bad as usual. I got my swizzles under control. Tweaked my stopping a bit. No crossovers. Just worked on going backwards quite a bit and *I'm* not getting it and I don't think she understands why in order to help me fix it. I don't either. It's really just the c-cuts I do as a goalie, but backwards. I can do c-cuts forward quite easily but I feel like I'm skating in gravel when I go backwards. Just can't seem to get the thrust I need to get going. I dunno. It's frustrating, and I'm feeling a bit retarded about the whole thing.

But it was still a good skate and I did my shuffles like a good girl. :)

We're planning to hit the driving range this morning. Maybe that will work out some of this soreness in my chest and back.


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