Thursday, June 12, 2008


Still feeling a little "funk"y this week but hopefully I'll shake it before too long. I did force myself to go hit a bucket of golf balls with Coach Stalin last night. We tweaked my swing a bit because I was doing some goofy thing that was hurting my groin, so I hit about as bad as I ever have. Gonna have to work on that, though I'm not as into it as she and Mr. Stalin are. I can only be obsessed with one thing at a time. If I'm ever obsessed with golf, someone just go ahead and put me down.

Anyway, it sounds like we're planning to go skating tonight. I hate missing the ice for so long. My feet always hurt like a MF when I go this long without skating. Plus, when I'm feeling funk-y, it's hard to have my heart and mind all the way in it and be willing to take risks. Though on the Galleria ice, it's hard to take risks because you're packed in like sardines and the ice is crap (though the ice has been better the last couple of times).

I whine. Life could be so much worse. I think I just need a vacation.


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