Friday, June 20, 2008

Dr. Lisa, where art thou

Went skating last night and though I am a bit more unsteady on my goalie skates due to the lower ankle support, I felt QUITE unsteady last night. That plus the knee pain and relative lateral weakness tells me my pelvis is out of alignment again. Can't IMAGINE why! Oh wait, maybe from bouncing my hips off the ice a few times.

So, I'll need to get to Dr. Lisa, the chiropractor, pretty soon. We'll see how it goes in player skates on Sunday.

Hip is looking horrific, like someone took a hammer to me. A veritable rainbow of sickly yellow, alarming red, and painful purple. But the worse it looks, the better it feels. I could do a full leg lift last night with only a little pain in the hamstring. Only felt it a little when I was skating last night, and only toward the end of an hour in my goalie skates (which, as I have mentioned, apply greater tortional forces on the hips and knees due to so much blade on the ice).

Not a great skate but I'm giving myself permission for that to be OK as I break in my goalie skates. Man, I hate breaking in skates.


Oh dear! How could I fail to mention that the 2008 NHL Fresh Meat Parade is on tap tonight and tomorrow. I'm both excited and ready for it to be ovah! The Wild only have 4 picks and there really are no "gotta haves" for me. I'd really like a good goalie to come up behind Khudobin and of course the Wild have some holes to fill, but I'm more concerned about the UFAs and RFAs we have.

Nobody has been re-signed yet, except Maxim Noreau (an Aeros player who won't see the big show for a while). Rolston and Riser are still doing a very irritating tango. Who the hell knows about Gabby. Plus, my "fan favorites" like Fridge and Voros, plus a bunch of the Aeros. Augh! Limbo sucks!

But for now, I'll just enjoy the Fresh Meat Parade for what it is: The beginning of years of working toward a dream finally starting to come true for these boys. I think that's pretty cool to see, even if the whole thing is a giant crap shoot for the teams.


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