Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catching up

We did end up going skating Thursday night, though in my mental funk, I didn't accomplish much and Coach Stalin knew not to push too hard.

Friday I didn't do anything. Today, Coach came over for a game of driveway hockey. Boy do I suck glove side (though I think I probably actually suck both sides, but she tends to shoot to that side, so I got beat there a lot). But it was fun. Stuck with a tennis ball and I'm glad because coach is a WAY better shooter than she was back in February when we last played. Some of those slappers would have really hurt if they'd hit me, but frankly, I'm not even gonna stand in the net for a slapper, even if it's just a tennis ball. So, Coach saw me leave the net a few times if she was winding up like crazy. :)

Anyway, I took one shot to the chin, which stung but it was just a wrister so it wasn't too bad. And at the moment, I was thinking, "Oh yeah, I'm down low here, and feel like I'm protecting the net a lot better." Indeed! With my freaking face! But I stopped the shot, and that never hurts too bad.

I'm going skating on my own tomorrow since coach has her game tomorrow night and doesn't want to wear her legs out. I need to kinda make a plan for what I want to accomplish since I won't have her there chasing me around. I really need to work on going backward, so I'm hoping the ice will be fairly sparsely populated. Hard to do when it's crowded and I don't have her to clear a path for me.

I have to say though, the last time we played ball hockey, I ended up at the chiropractor because my knees were absolutely shot from it. Today, nothing. I felt very strong in my legs the whole time and no pain at all. Nice to see that big leap in leg strength. I actually caught one ball and shrieked like I'd just won the lottery. I probably need to stop doing that. :)


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