Thursday, April 29, 2010

Absenteeism explained and a very fond farewell

So, the blog's going to be quiet for a while. After Monday's awesomewinfunness, the little bit of "ooo, that's a bit uncomfortable" in my knee went to "er, holy crap, what the crap is wrong with my knee???" It's really stiff and angry.

Which means there's no way I'm playing next week. I need to this to get better. Gonna see if I can get in with the chiro today or early next week. I think something is a bit off in that regard that's making it worse.

Also, work is eating me alive. Got a massive MASSIVE project due in early August and I'm afraid it's going to take a majority of my time until then. It particularly sucks because I was really excited about my hockey projects this summer, like the adult goalie blog (which sounds potentially pornographic, but sadly isn't). But I'll get around to it eventually, if only because the banner I made for it is so freaking awesome. (Click to embiggen. Thanks to Chris Jerina for use of the photo.)

For those I've promised sweat bands.... they're made. I just need to mail them out. I'll do that early next week.

For those waiting on emails from me, I promise I'll get back to you eventually.

I'm considering rewarding myself at the end of this project in 2011 with a hockey road trip. Don't know what that will entail just yet, but if I can get Mr.C on board with the idea, it will be fuckin' awesome. But that's a long way off and really just a daydream to keep me motivated through what is going to be a really tough year of work. Now that Brusty's gone, I gotta have something to daydream about, right? :)

Speaking of which...

~cue music~

I've thought all along that I would do some weepy, poetic, fantastic, heartfelt post to send Brusty off after this season, but now that the time is upon me, I feel like all the words I try to put to it are too trite.

It suffices to say that his presence in Houston has been profound for me. Sometimes in life, we need something and don't even know we need it until we cross paths with the person who can give it to us. And then it's like this amazing, random gift from the universe.

And that's what Brusty was for me. People fall in love with hockey a lot of ways, and I really fell hard when my passion for goaltending took off. And it was watching him that made that happen, and made me want to be a goalie myself. That passion for goaltending and the rest of the game has driven nearly everything I've done in the last 3 years. And holy crap, what a ride it's been.

I hope I gave a little something back in my way over the course of things.

So, there's that. Hopefully not too trite. I dunno.

Back to work. Ugh. See you crazy kids on the flip side.


maalivahti  May 1, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

Oh no :( Hope your knee isn't too bad off. And dang i'm gonna miss your posts. Also, not too trite at all re Brusty. Your comment about not knowing what you need until you cross paths with someone really hit home for me as well. I'll be waiting for the dawn of the adult goaltending blog, whever it arrives. :)

Ms. Conduct  May 1, 2010 at 6:42 PM  

Yeah, I dunno. Have an appt with the chiro on Tuesday and I'm not playing this week. Hopefully that will get me going. Ugh.

CircularTheory  May 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM  

oooo....a goalie site...

I'll be checking that site non-stop!

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