Monday, April 26, 2010


So, let's just say I've had better birthdays. In fact, most regular days are better than today was.

Feels kinda like when your team is crap on the power play, and you kinda start groaning when they get the man "advantage." Like, next time, don't do me any favors.

Oh well.

Had a good game tonight. Won 5-3 or something. The other goalie is a genuine Canadian and he plays C and probably higher. But that's novice for you. It will take even good goalies and just turn you upside and down and steal your change.

But I didn't see many shots, so it was mainly my team that rocked it. Particularly the defense, who kept chances low and relatively non-threatening. Had some good saves though, particularly a righteous toe save on a breakaway attempt. And when I say "toe," I literally mean it hit the plastic cowling on the toe of my skate. Wouldn't be surprised if it hit the tip of my skate blade, too.

Had some lucky bounces. One rebound off my right pad right onto the stick of the blue team's coach. He fires high. Crossbar. Phew! Thank you, pipes! And a glove save, too, though I dropped it right after the whistle. If someone had just batted my glove with their stick upon making the save, it would have been a goal. I would have deserved it, too.

I got to the rink early and bounced a tennis ball around some. I think that helped with my glove a bit tonight. Snagged a bunch of them in warm-ups and I don't think I got beat glove side at all tonight.

Anyway, back at it in Sugar Land tomorrow. Looking forward to that and really want to play well. Challenge challenge challenge!


Meanwhile, le boohoo for the Kings getting ousted tonight. They were a joy to cheer for though, and I cannot wait to see what they can do with a Quick/Bernier tandem next year (allegedly). Should result in more rest for the starting tender and have him fresher for the playoffs. And then it's just a matter of that team doing what that team can do. I don't even know who the hotties are on the team and I still love them, so you gotta figure it's gen-you-wine sports love, baby.


Aubrey  April 26, 2010 at 4:02 AM  

Well in that case, I wish you a very happy next 364 un-birthdays!

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