Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The one where I make a dorky Pinocchio reference

I'm in a foul mood but BrustyBobble is making me laugh in my attempts to make him say "No." It's pretty hard to get a good, solid "No" out of the little fella but the failed attempts are pretty funny and I need a laugh, so thanks BrustyBobble! When you become a real boy, we'll get you a proper goalie stick and leg pads!


I'm learning about balls today. I actually had no idea there were different kinds of fast balls. I've heard of a bunch of them, but didn't know they were all fast balls. And there are four-seamers and two-seamers, which I had to consult Wikipedia on, but still don't quite understand.
My favorite? The Yellow Hammer. That sounds downright artful, though I understand nobody does it anymore. How sad. You can bet I'll be watching pitches intently tonight when the Jays get beat by the Rangers again. (What? I told you I was cranky!)


So, my other goalie, who has one more goal than the rest of you hack goalies this season, CHRIS HOLT!, is down with Elmira for their playoff run, since Bingo isn't going anywhere. And whaddaya know, they're playing Florida in the first round.

And since my girl SwampHockey understands my goalie love, she snagged a bunch of shots of Chris for me. He had a rough game, I gotta say. The happy-go-lucky fella wasn't real happy with his team last night in a losing effort, but hopefully he'll regroup and be cool like Fonzie tonight and get the win.

As much as I appreciate the photos, I am pulling for Elmira here. Any loyalties below the AHL level travel with the goalies I'm following. No ill will toward Estero or anything, of course.

You can kinda tell it's a tough game because he pretty much looks like a crazy person in every picture. Here are my favorites of the "wouldn't wanna meet him in a dark alley" genre (and many thanks to SwampHockey for letting me post them):

Bitch, please!

If I can't see them, they can't see me.... Ninja Goalie!

Chris Holt offers you a knuckle sandwich. Or a fist pump. I'm not sure.


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