Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Goodbye and Good Luck, Brahmas

Well, my boy Brett Jaeger is done for the season. The Texas Brahmas lost their series with Odessa last night in game 6. I didn't look at the final shot count but at the end of regulation, it was 43-23 in favor of Odessa. Talk about some defense that isn't doing their goalie any favors.

Apparently they'd lost their two best defensemen prior to the playoffs and were struggling on the back end. And then last night, their top scorer got a game misconduct, so that didn't help matters. Dumbass. The final for the game was 5-4 though, so I'm sure his goaltending was the only thing keeping it that close.

Not the most consistent year for him, and there were as many low points in the season as high points, but hopefully he'll get a good contract somewhere next year. They really seem to like him there in Dallas, so maybe he's back? Either way, he's gotten some valuable exposure to the hockey ops people for the Aeros, so that's good for him when they're looking around for goalie call-ups in the future.

Joe Palmer, his partner this season, was probably a little more consistent but never really won the #1 job as a rookie. He's Blackhawks property though, so maybe we'll see him in Rockford next year. He only had one call-up and never got in a game with Rockford, so it remains to be seen what he can do at the next level.

Anyway, congrats to those guys on a good season.


Meanwhile, on a totally different subject, my project for today, apart from work, is to see if I can fit all my gear, including my pads, into my hockey bag or if I need a bigger bag to go to Minnesota (and could I get one from the Aeros after the season if so.... hmmm). Update: Yay! It all fits, with room for my skates and undergear, if that won't fit in my carry on!

Also need to pick up my skates at some point. I had a dream last night that they did some kind of effed up sharpening on them and tried to pass it off as this great new technique. I obviously have a ton of faith in them....


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