Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was so good, I'm STARTING with the music.

One A+ happy hour at the Leaf during which I was a good girl and didn't get too happy on the booooze. I decided that a vodka cran was the most athletic drink I could think of. Clear booze and fruit juice. Can't go wrong, right?

Tangent: Of course, the first sip reminded me why I don't drink vodka crans. Relates back to a rough post-breakup night in my singleton days during which I polished off a bottle of Stoli and however much cran I had on hand while I bellyached to my friend on my phone. I'm pretty sure I turned a little bit Russian that night.

Anyway, I sucked that down while enjoying the truly charming, handsome, and wonderful company at my table. Like, really. A lot. Like, how good Halak was tonight? That's how happy my happy hour was. Snack on that, Monday! You don't win this week!

So then I jetted over to SLICE for my drop-in and was really happy with my game. Made some big big stops on some pretty good players. Of course, I got burned my fair share, too, but my play was consistent even though I was getting hammered in the second half.

I find that I earn some respect points from the hot rods by staying out to play around after the other goalie's given up and the game is over. Though after tonight's game, I was so tired, I just stayed down in the fly while they passed and I knee shuffled and tried to be on angle and as big as possible while still down. Kind of a fun experiment. The crazy thing is that I stopped all but one shot, basically just sitting on the goal line in the fly. One finally got past me high blocker side over my shoulder.

It's nice to get time like that to just goof around and everybody's just having fun and experimenting with their game. That's the good stuff to me.

And it's why I love this Monday group so much. Nobody takes themselves too seriously and that's nice because I know I play better when I'm not taking myself real seriously. It's hockey, it's fun. Lighten the fuck up.

The best was when the big guy with the hhhhheavy shot comes bearing down on little ol' tired me. He always picks the corners on me, so I jokingly put my glove and blocker up in the corners of the net, closed up my fly and tried to flare it out wide. I was basically a human shooter tutor. Ha. He's got this smug look like, "There's NO WAY you're stopping this."

Oh I totally stopped him. ;)

So, that was super fun. And I'm NOT going to Tuesday drop in. I've been feeling so shitty about my game lately, I just want to enjoy this for a few days.

Happy Motherfuckin' Birthday to me after all. Take that, 35. My big bottle of Advil and I own you.


Goody  April 27, 2010 at 9:42 AM  

"It's hockey, it's fun. Lighten the fuck up."

I wonder if we could get away with putting that on our jerseys... Maybe a circular emblem/logo with that spiraling around it. What image to put in the center though? Maybe a tornado/vortex with the words swirling around into the funnel? The team could be the "Twisters".

Anonymous  April 27, 2010 at 11:47 AM  

personally, i think the jersey should be tie-dyed, with a big ol Jester emblem...have the "its hockey, its fun" on one sleeve, "lighten the fuck up" on the other...
and for your socks, go with the multicolored striped hippy ones..wth right?
and ms c, us goalies get a big old bulls-eye in the center of the jersey....

Nick  April 27, 2010 at 12:55 PM  

I gotta know where the puck shot from the 'big guy' hit you?!?

Good times!

Ms. Conduct  April 27, 2010 at 1:01 PM  

He tried to tuck it around my toe glove side and I kicked a leg out and snagged it off his stick. :)

maalivahti  April 27, 2010 at 8:11 PM  

F'n awesome!!! Good call on staying in tonight and basking in the glow. And happy birthday too. Good to know I'm not as much older than you as I thought I was. ;)

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