Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yoga Tuesday

I had a grand plan to get up and go to spinning yesterday morning, but had a terrible time falling asleep, so I ended up bagging it at the last minute in favor of extra shut-eye.

But that left me feeling grumpy and depressed and not right in the head all day, so I bit the bullet and pulled out the yoga DVD last night before bed. Man, what a difference that makes mentally. I felt SO much better, like the cobwebs had cleared out. I don't know why I resist doing yoga more often. It's not like it's particularly hard on my body now that I've done this DVD so many times and can do everything on it pretty well. But it sure does help mentally, not to mention the flexibility benefits.

Anyway, I'm hoping we'll go skating tonight, but if not, I'll go tomorrow and do something else tonight. Not sure what. Maybe I'll make a circuit for myself. That might be fun.


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