Monday, May 12, 2008

Stuff like this... what sends me into total overdrive.

Words like "agility" have NEVER been in my workout vocabulary.

It seems clear to me, though, that strength and agility are up there with skating ability and ahead of goalie specific skills.

But then I remember that a lot of this sort of advice is for kids who have competitive aspirations, which of course, I don't. I just want to get a workout, and have fun, not necessarily in that order. So, while it's nice to incorporate these things when I can, I don't need to feel guilty for not doing two-a-days (or even one-a-days) every day en route to this goal.

I do little things... I walk around the house bouncing a tennis ball. I work on my juggling. I try to run up and down the stairs (foot speed purposes). I'll stand on one foot when I'm waiting in line just to work those balance muscles. And try not to use my hands or arms when I'm getting up off the floor or out of a chair (just core and leg muscles). Not sure such small things make any difference but it's better than nothing, right?

To compound matters, now I'm all worked up and wanting to go make some strides, but I'm sick and after my bronchitis episode last year, I'm very wary of working out when I'm sick (since I firmly believe that walking 10 miles when I was starting to get sick is what escalated it into something much worse than a cold). So, I'm spending yet more time with my tennis ball and juggling balls. Working on tracking the ball into my hand and such, which is a lot harder than it sounds. I can do some stretching and am going to do my Stretch-a-Flex DVD today come hell or high water since I didn't yesterday.


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