Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet progress!

So, I dropped off my naughty, foot-hurting skate to get punched today, but Coach Stalin wanted to hit the Galleria for a skate tonight, so I broke out the goalie skates.

I've been not using them, but I'm very glad I have them, because even just one skate on them told me a LOT about how far I had to go. That's a lot of blade on the ice and when they say you need to be a strong skater, they mean it quite literally. Shoving those blades through the ice is tough.

Tonight though, I had a terrific skate in them! They still feel like cement blocks but once you figure out to use the toes and heels of the blade, you can maneuver pretty well.

Anyway, one of the things I wanted to figure out was this funny move I saw that goalie kid doing a couple of weeks ago. Turns out it was just quick little c-cuts... sort of like swizzles but with just the thrusting part of the move for the most part, not the big swing out.

Oh, here's a video!

I figured it out pretty quickly based on remembering the pattern his blades left on the ice and by the time we left, I was able to haul down the ice pretty good doing it, and frankly, it's more comfortable than regular skating in goalie skates.

So, I was/am absolutely giddy at actually doing a real, functional goalie move.

I do need to work on getting it wider, with a goal of being able to stay pretty low while I do it, and also keeping the upper body still. And then I need to figure it out backwards. Ack!


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