Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh yeah and....

Somehow I managed to mangle my foot while skating yesterday, too. My right foot always hurts when I take my skates off but the pain goes away in a few minutes and doesn't come back. Same thing happened yesterday (after skating for 2 hours, which is by far the longest I've been in skates). I'm fine going to the car and stretching and whatnot.

But after I get home and step out of the car, I can't put ANY weight on that foot or it's excruciatingly painful. Like broken foot painful.

I was astounded! But I took some advil and iced it and took a nice nap and by the time I got up, I could limp around on it and it got better from there so that there was almost no pain by bedtime.

This morning though, it's swollen in the hurt spot, kind of on the bottom. So the swelling hurts when I put pressure on it, but nothing too bad. I'm sure it will go away in a couple of days. That's not my foot, by the way. Just a fancy demo foot.

So, the plan is to take my skates in and see about getting them punched out a bit or somehow widened right there across the forefoot. Apparently EE still isn't wide enough.

Also, back to the topic of falling: Strategy for Learning to Fall. Seems pretty damn tedious to me, but there are some good ideas there.


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