Friday, May 2, 2008

What a week

Mr. Conduct's NY apartment junk got moved home on Tuesday and we've been "re-integrating" all of it ever since. I think we're pretty much done, but it was pretty laborious Tuesday and Wednesday. I was getting pretty snarly by Wednesday night.

As such, I've skipped workouts for the last three days (though my aching knees tell me I did LOTS of stairs those two days). Yesterday, I couldn't contemplate anything but sitting on my ass, eating pizza, and watching the Rangers come back to life and the Avs get pounded into glorious rubble. Thanks Red Wings! Can't think of another team I'd rather see lose by 6 points. :D Franzen for president!

I think Coach Stalin has wounded herself again, in a way only Coach can. So I'm guessing I'm OMO for skating this week. I'm feeling a little excess energy today, so maybe I'll hit the Galleria ice at lunch and then one of the good rinks on Sunday afternoon. I'd like to make it to spinning tomorrow morning now that my favorite instructor is back. I've got some class tickets burning a hole in my purse. Or at least I hope I still do after cleaning out my purse the other day. *concern*

Okay. Time to work.


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