Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Skate 5/2

Worked in a quickie skate at lunchtime today. I can always tell when it's time to go skating again because I can't shake the thoughts about stopping, edges, and stuff I want to try next time I'm on the ice. It's like I just need to go and get it out of my system.

And thankfully, there were only about 4 of us on the ice, which was crappy but not the worst it's been. Though it was foggy when I got there, which was kinda weird. And condensation had formed on the ceiling and dripped these icky lumps onto the ice. I swear... worst rink ever.

Worked on stopping quite a bit more than usual. I'm trying to get the idea out of my head that I need to stop quickly and just snowplow that foot evenly until I stop. Seems to be helping. It was good to just play around with it a bit.

I tried to work on crossing over to the right but I couldn't do it yet. For some reason, I really don't trust that outer edge of my right side and it's hard for me to lean that way without feeling like I'm going to bust it big time. Or maybe my right side knows not to trust my left side to actually catch it on the crossover. :) Smart side doesn't trust the dumb side.... and rightly so.

Did a little backwards and it was scary as usual. I wish there was some way to practice that off ice. I get so shaky and tense, I can't go very long at it before I just feel wiped out. Like one length of the ice doing backwards swizzles and I'm fried. Such a spazz.


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