Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday Will-it-rain-or-won't-it?

It did rain, but not with any of the sort of severity you'd have thought from looking at the radar.

So, Coach Stalin and I hit the Memorial Park driving range last night and whacked a bucket of balls. I've decided I need a driver to add to my 7 iron (my only golf club... which gets boring after a while). And I need a glove. The sweat was making my lose my grip on the club by the end. Maybe I'll drag Mr. Conduct out to Golfsmith next week.

Anyway, after we hit balls, we walked the 3 miles around the park. Amazing how much more enjoyable it is with some company. Especially company that likes to talk about hockey as much as I do. I got to hear about her goal on Sunday, which is always exciting (of course, then I start asking questions about what the goalie did to miss it, which is the interesting part to me!)

I was drenched in sweat from the icky humidity by the time I got home, and also pretty worn out. So I fell asleep while watching the TIVO'd Game 3. Though I think all I missed was Detroit's second goal. And then woke up with 1:30 or so left in the game. Kinda disappointing that Detroit wasn't able to sweep, but also cool that the hockey season will last at least one more game.

But man, did I sleep well last night. Except when a mosquito came in after Major came in off the balcony (just shoved the door open) and bit me right in the middle of my back in that 1 square inch of space that's nearly impossible to reach. Gah!

Tonight we're going skating at the Galleria, so I'll be busting out the goalie skates. Not sure whether she's available this weekend, but I'll definitely go on Saturday or Sunday. Next Thursday, I'm heading to Vermont, so I'll miss my weekend skate. If I have time, I might try to hit the public session at lunchtime on Wednesday so I can get a good session in. Then we might be going up to my parents the following weekend, so I'll need to do the same the following week. I hate going that long without a "coached" session, but maybe we can work in some mid-week sessions at the Galleria.


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