Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Standard Sharpening

Okay, on my list of shit that sucks: Drop-ins with too few players that last an hour too long. And worse when the teams are drastically out of balance. You're bored to death at one end and getting shelled at the other.

I could bitch for another 3 paragraphs about how not fun drop in was tonight, but then you'll just find out what a bitter hag I can be, so I'll spare you.

There were some good things:

  • The 5-hole was solid tonight. I did let one in under my pad when I was going down while moving across the crease, but that's not 5-hole. :)
  • My legs felt good! My feet hurt, but my legs did what I wanted them to, rather than feeling all stumbly like they did last week. I've changed my game day Feeding Schedule a bit to having a regular midday meal (sandwich and chips kinda thing) and then adding a bowl of good granola-ish cereal about 3 hours before I play. That seems to keep my energy up a lot better. Kinda figured there was a nutrition component.
  • I had some good saves. One funny moment where a guy had the puck between the corner and the back of my net and he's looking for an option for putting it on net. We both realize at the same time that there's a gap between my back and the net and I scooch back and go, "No you are NOT putting that in the net off my back!" He laughed. We had a moment. Nice guy with some BLISTERING wheels. Holy cow. Don't usually see that kind of speed among amateurs. 
Oh well.  I better stop before I start bitching like I said I wasn't going to do.


Aeros tomorrow and I'm pretty jacked about it because we appear to be headed for fresh goalie meat with Khudobin up. And you know how excited I get about fresh goalie meat. :)


Left my skates to get sharpened after drop-in. Going 1/8th sharper this time to 5/8ths. Working my way down. Oh and get this, I was filling out the form and was trying to do the math for what was one step sharper than 3/4s (yeah, numbers aren't my strong suit) and the guy goes, "Just put 'standard'."

I'm like, "What?"

"Just put 'standard' for standard goalie sharpening."

"Uh, no." *look at him like he's outta his mind* "What's one down from 3/4s?"

"I dunno. I use metric."

"Well, here's hoping the guy who sharpens them doesn't."

Are you kidding me? This is the advice goalies are getting in Houston, my friends. Dear god. Standard sharpening? I'm still kinda speechless. What does that even mean? I don't think he even knew! It's a scary, scary sharpening world here in the hockey hinterlands.

Dear Aeros Equipment Dude, Can we work a deal? :)


Nick  March 31, 2010 at 3:04 PM  

I can't relate to sharpening, but I can relate to customer service. I think I would've said, "Never mind, I'll get them sharpened somewhere else".

Ms. Conduct  March 31, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

Well, he's new there so even though he does know how to sharpen skates, he hasn't signed the liability paperwork to allow him to, so it won't be him doing it. I had them done there last time and felt okay with them, so hopefully they'll be okay again.

I should get a good sharpening in MN when I'm there, as I'm sure there are some good sharpeners there someone could recommend to me. And they probably do it while you wait. Unlike here where you have to leave them for a day or two. Ugh.

Goody  April 1, 2010 at 9:26 AM  

Sharpenings are a crap shoot here too believe it or not. I've had really good sharpenings from hole in the wall places and really bad sharpenings from places which are supposed to be THE place to go. I think it all depends on who is working that particular day.

The one place I've always gotten a good sharpening is called HockeyZone, but they're in St. Cloud so...

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