Monday, March 1, 2010

Being Wade

F**k it. I'm pissed tonight. I played like shit and don't really understand why. All night long, even in warm ups, my angles were off and I was fighting the puck. I felt like I was playing with my head on crooked all night. The puck might as well have been a grenade for how much I seemed to want to have any contact with it.

My eyes had been bothering me during the day, so maybe that's part of it. Hard time focusing and tracking the puck into me.

And worse, I didn't react well to getting scored on. Very not cool. But given how bad my boobs hurt, I'm calling it PMS and screw all you men who want to argue with me on that.

Speaking of which, we have a new girl at hockey who is delightful and tonight she was getting played a little rough by one of the new guys, so she told us after that she turned to him and said, "I will fuck you up, good lookin'." <3<3<3!

The first goal against was the only one that was particularly acceptable. The next, I got IN my glove and then somehow still dropped it in the net. I have no idea how that happened.

And then to really rub it in, some joker lobs a big, high arching shot at the net. I try to snag it but of course, I've got shit for a glove and I try to catch it over hand when I should have focused on getting my body in front of it and catching it underhand. Or knocking it away. Or doing ANYTHING but let it fall into the net behind me. Stupid. Just embarrassing and stupid. I could cry thinking about it now.

Anyway, whatever. I don't have enough beer to fix this so I'll just have to man up and swallow it until I can do better. I think this probably means that unless I get an emergency request to play Monday, I'll drag my ass to Tuesday drop-in and see if I can avoid ending this week on such a bad note.

I like this song and demand that you enjoy it as well.

Oh, also, congrats to my Canadian lovelies on your undulating gold medals. I event went out to dinner in my Canada Hockey sweatshirt just to see if I could annoy someone. (See? My hatefulness has been going on all day.)

I feel sad for Ryan Miller, but he has to know individually that he was unbelievable. And his silver medal teammates owe him all the steaks his skinny ass can eat.

I also felt bad for Fatso, who seemed very much on the outside of the celebration scrum after the game winner. Awkward being the back-up goalie in such a situation, isn't it? Yeesh. I still love you, Marty. I'll hug you.


Kramer  March 1, 2010 at 4:59 PM  

We all have good and bad games, don't beat yourself up too bad about it. My friday night game was aweful... first 4 shots went in and then I settled down/sobered up. My new rule number 1, playing goal with a few in ya = bad idea but Canada beat Slovakia and almost lost so I had reason to drink. With high floaters I usually back up to the net, as I catch it I try to keep my hand so I can see the puck pretty much the whole way into it. By backing up it leaves little room for it to drop behind me and if I screw it up it should drop infront of me. The other thing I have been pushing on the kids is keep your chin up, worry about the next shot since though it's important to remember how goals in to work on getting better it's not going to help you in that game. Just focus on the next puck and get back to basics, on angle, square and have fun.

Ms. Conduct  March 1, 2010 at 5:18 PM  

Thanks Scotty. Yeah, definitely should have backed up to the net and just gotten square. It was a slow shot and even with my shitty depth perception, there's no reason I couldn't have gotten in front of it.

You know me, writing it out is how I get my chin back up. I can remind myself that at least I do that thing well. :)

walkinvisible  March 2, 2010 at 5:13 PM  

that game was outrageous and could have gone either way, no doubt.... sad to see miller/rafalski lose it but awesome to see iggy make the perfect pass to the golden goal....

also, i wanna give full props to jacques rogge for acknowledging that the crowd was gonna go apeshit after crosby's name was announced, and allowed them their moment of applause before placing the gold over sidney's neck....

amazing moment for this country of mine.... glad you also enjoyed. xx

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