Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Hits: The "Whatever" Edition

Lordy lordy, Aeros. Night after night, the same thing lately. Decent start, late game choke.

It's like going on a great date and then finding out over dessert that the guy wants 5 kids and is the president of the Young Republicans. 

"Um. I've, uh, gotta get up early, so... if you're done with that key lime pie... no, no coffee, thanks... I think I may have left my oven on....I need to let my dog out... *sigh* .... I used to have sex dreams about Bill Clinton and my tubes are tied... Oh, you're ready to go? Great."
I won't miss this season. Nobody's fault exactly (though I'd be happy to point fingers offline). Just a perfect storm of mediocrity. 


Speaking of clusterfucks, that's what my goaltending has been lately but I'm feeling focused for my upcoming games. Adding a few preparation things. Yada yada yada...tap tap tap.... #nottalkingaboutit.

Anyway, we'll see how that goes. Ready to play though. Feeling inspired. :)

Speaking of goaltending, here's a cool article a goalie friend sent to me about how it's tough for goalies to be "superstars" due to the humble, masked nature of the position. Good stuff.


Bad hockey fan confession: Enough with the headshot crap. I honestly just don't care how it gets figured out because I don't really think there IS a good solution other than players taking some accountability, but I'm tired of reading about it. Still, just in case the horse isn't dead, here's my suggestion:

Step 1: Fire Colin Campbell and hire someone else to basically hit the Reset button on league punishments so that "consistency" doesn't continue to mean making the same mistakes over and over.
Step 2: Get back to whining about Sun Belt teams performing poorly financially, because I enjoyed that discussion more. Which is really saying something.


Here's my $50 idea for the day: A microrecorder that a goalie can somehow keep on themselves during the game and keep notes about goals against or whatever they want.
Of course, it has to be something that's inside the mask, like a wireless mic (that transmits to something in a protective shell that straps to the water bottle?).

I have a miserable short term memory, which is great for forgetting goals but also terrible for learning from them. Would be nice to take some notes.


Still haven't gotten the screw posts in order to put my cat eye cage on my mask. Grrrrr. Lame sauce. I still don't get why they wouldn't include new ones of those along with the new screws when you buy a new cage. I love you, Hackva, but that makes no sense at all.


Alright. Naptime maybe, or Aeros game. Or both. Or neither. Whatever.


Jeff Deslauriers? Yes. YES! Phuck yes!


artandhockey  March 14, 2010 at 9:09 PM  

A, rapturous post - fighting goalies...
Aeros are, simply but politely put, very unlucky this year! Pah!
Et Tu M.C.
no day without a post? ;-)!

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