Monday, March 22, 2010

Great weekend and pracky

Phew. It's been a long, fun weekend. I need Monday off to just get the down time I'm accustomed to! But I wouldn't give any of it back.

Mr. Goalie Porn, Chris Jerina, was here for the Milwaukee games, so it was fun hanging out with him. Awesome guy and I'm not saying that just because he gifted me with a Brusty bobblehead. There aren't many 20-somethings I hang around with who I don't ever find myself saying, "Well, when you get in your 30's, you'll ~insert aged wisdom~" but he's certainly one of them.

Also fun hanging out with Mister Fred Saturday night. Haven't seen him since the summer and we sure do miss him at Aeros games and in general.

More Aeros today. Another loss, but I have finally come to enjoy Dubie. I mean, really, with Brusty not an option and the Aeros having zero chance at the playoffs, I can just enjoy his quirks and pray for good defense. Much like Vesa, he gives me hope for my game. A lot of the stuff he does that drives me bonkers is exactly how I play, unfortunately. But still, he stops pucks. Maybe there's hope for me yet. :)

After the game was practice, which I dragged poor Chris to, so he could be bored in a meat locker rather than bored and comfortable at his hotel. I'm QUITE the hostess.

Scott and Joe were our coaches tonight, so we did lots of new drills that were all great, both for the skaters and the goalies. Lots of real game situation stuff that I enjoy. At the end, we did a fun one that's too complicated to explain but I was so tired by the end, I was just making saves on my knees.

Joe rifled one past my glove at one point and for once (!) I had a chance to ask for a do-over. So he put 5 more at my glove and I snagged 'em all. He even changed the location, high, low, whatever. One was high and I still snagged it and one of the skaters said it was a "sexy save" or something along those lines. Heh. That felt nice. :)

Anyway, my upper back is aching tonight. Hoping the Advil will keep it from getting too bad. Knee isn't too happy either, but knee can suck it.

No invite to play on Monday yet so it looks like my next game will be Wednesday. Can already taste the post-game pizzaaaaa...

I finally found the song I had in my head that had me play such a good game last week! Had the words wrong AND slightly wrong melody going. Dork.


Aubrey  March 22, 2010 at 2:10 AM  

Oh good, a new earworm. I've had "Love Shack" stuck in my head for days!

Kramer  March 23, 2010 at 11:55 AM  

Here's the basic idea behind the last drill, I kind of jacked it up in application and threw in the push ups to make it so that there was a penalty associated with missing the net.

The down low drill was essentially to work on what you guys see most of the time at Novice. Pucks bouncing around in tight, I also wanted the shooters to work on accurate passing which needed some more work.

Joe's forecheck drill was good and I was pleased how we incorporated shooting into almost every drill but the cross overs. I am going to talk to Dan and Joe about getting the group to work more on skating drills that involve them trusting their edges. The one thing I think we need to work on is keeping the drill going till the goalie covers it but also stopping it after it gets silly.

I am thinking next practice I'll see if I can dig up enough drills and send them off to everyone rather than doing the same drills we had been doing. I will also be filling in for Jessica next week so I'll be able to see first hand what we can work on.

If there are specific drills you see online let me know and I'll see if we can incorporate them.

artandhockey  March 23, 2010 at 12:07 PM  

Pracky? In Vienna that's almost the slang for a carpet beater
(a Pracker!)... just ;-)!

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