Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tired as f**k (Quick Hits)

I don't really sleep anymore. I nap in 15 or 30 minute spurts about 4 times a day, which is what's keeping me lucid, and then wake up coughing. Problem is, when I lay down, I cough. So either I have to sleep sitting up or just not sleep or try to get through the coughing lying down (but then wake up coughing even worse).

I'm miserable though and that's just what I wanted to share. There's really nothing that can be done about it. Just have to wait it out. At least Mr.C is traveling and I'm only driving myself up the wall. Send pity!


Bragging a bit on my goalies: Brusty and Jaegs both had excellent games on Sunday. The Blades looked like some other team entirely with Flick back in the line-up.

You know how students are when there's a substitute teacher vs when the real teacher shows back up? It was like that. So much better, which had to have made life in goal a lot nicer, too. And they left Kalamazoo with a 5-2 win. Snack on that, Kris Versteeg's brother!

Jaegs had his best game of the season and inches back toward a winning record stopping 32 of 33 shots in the win over Tulsa.

Cool thing: The CHL is doing a free night of video Friday, so maybe I'll get a little Jaeger action. Ha. Of course, the Aeros and Blades are playing at the same time so it may be a real clusterfuck of hockeymania in my living room Friday night.

But frankly, if there's anything I'll say an unequivocal YES to, it's a clusterfuck of hockeymania. Am I right?


Meanwhile, I fucking hate my fantasy hockey teams and want them all to just get bent. So I renamed them all "Milbury's Kids." That'll teach 'em.

And I know we're only 8 games into the week but they're all winning their matchups this week. It won't last. They suck. I suck as a manager. If I were a real fan, I'd say we just blow the whole thing up and start over. Except for James Neal. I'm keeping his fine ass.


Saw this in my reading for In Goal Mag: Dan Cloutier signed a PTO with Rockford. I don't even know what to say about that, other than, really?

For instance, Joe Palmer with the Brahmas is a Chicago prospect and playing very well in the CHL. I would have thought if they needed a guy, they'd give him a shot at it. I mean, isn't that kinda the point of having tiered leagues?

But WTF do I know? I can't even remember who Corey Crawford's backup is in Rockford. Too tired to look it up. Guess it's Dan Cloutier now, huh?

I dunno. Just seems like there are so many underemployed younger goalies out there in the minors. What's with the retreads?


Hey, here's something I realized today (you realize a lot of shit when you're awake 22 hours a day): I realized why I play goal the way I do.

I learned to love the position, watching two big, tall goalies. It was the original, fantastical Schaefer/Brust season when I decided I had to be a goalie.

BTW, how 8-year-old-watching-Olympics-and-has-to-sign-up-for-gymnastics-or-figure-skating-ASAP is that, anyway? What can I say? I didn't have hockey as a kid.

Anyway, I watched the hell out of those guys, especially Brusty because well.. you just have to. Just never sure what exactly is going to happen down there in his paint.

So when I play, in my head, I'm 6'2".

Sadly, on the outside I'm a mere 5'7". I can't just drop into the fly, jam a leg out, and cover the bottom of the net. Trust me, I've tried umptybillion times and the bastards just poke it past my toe.

It's all kinda neither here nor there, but I was talking to Mr. Fred today about how differently I watch goalies even from a year ago, how much better I can "see" their game (assuming a certain level of objectivity).

I'm not very good at breaking it down and articulating it yet, but it's something I'm working on because it's the area of the game that makes the most sense to me inherently, and ultimately, I can present a more unique and, maybe someday, authoritative perspective on as a writer.

Lemme tell ya though, they don't get much better than my buddy Justin at The Goalie Guild. I compared him to a Goalie Detective... he sees nuances in a goalie's game that I'd never be able to draw out myself but as soon as he says it, you're like, "Yep, you nailed that."


Okay, gonna see if I can get a few minutes of sleep while I'm full of every variety of cough medicine in the house. This is my best chance.


Aubrey  December 1, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

Oh, oh! Me too! I want a clusterfuck of hockeymania! Where exactly can I find that on Friday?

Ms. Conduct  December 1, 2009 at 12:44 PM  

Chez Conduct! It's not that far from Ohio, right? Hey, you could go to Toledo or Cincinnati and watch him this week! I'm so jealous!

Aubrey  December 1, 2009 at 1:32 PM  

Lol, I could if I could convince anyone that the three hour road trip would be worth it. Which I guess sadly rules out Chez Conduct too. Looks like me and whatever NHL Network is showing, as usual :)

Nicky  December 1, 2009 at 5:27 PM  

Poor baby! I know exactly what you're going through. Coughing sucks.

Ms. Conduct  December 1, 2009 at 5:45 PM  

I hate to jinx it but I think I've found a combo that works for about 6 hours at a time. Robitussin Cough and the little tessalon (sp?) pearls they prescribed (which I've only got about 4 more of... eep!) and two Advil.

So far that bought me about 4 hours of sleep early this morning, a productive half-day of work, and a good little nap after work. Not sure what the Advil is contributing but something to do with inflammation in my throat, I think. Either that or I think Advil cures everything. :)

Nicky  December 2, 2009 at 2:22 AM  

Robitussin (plus a cup of hot chocolate per period) got me through tonight's Sharks game. I'll try adding Advil tonight. I'd love to get 4 straight hours. Best I've managed so far is 2. But my baby goalie Greiss got his win. He's a little floppy but he's got these impossibly long legs that cover the entire bottom of the net. He's also got this incredibly hot German accent. Not that I ever notice things like that...

Ms. Conduct  December 2, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

Ohh, you had me at "incredibly long legs"... gots me a thing for that.

*searching* finding

Oh my. Yeah. Cute. Very cute.

I jinxed myself. Couldn't stay asleep tonight. Woke up with my usual horrific coughing fit. I'm due for my next round so hopefully that's why it didn't work.

Ms. Conduct  December 2, 2009 at 2:51 AM  

Oh and the other ingredient was sleeping on a mountain of pillows to stay propped up. Because you know how that cough goes insane when you lie down, or even roll over. Augh. So yeah, all the drugs plus sleeping at pretty much a 45 degree angle.

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