Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick Hits: Let's go, Princess!

I'm watching On the Fly and just about choked to death watching the following commercial. Normally I have absolutely no issue with these beefcake commercials, but this one is over the top even for me. Like even the beefcakes are way too beefy, and possibly too cakey as well. Watch to the end because that's where the best part is:

Wasn't that awesome? You're welcome.

But I think I'll stick with my Iso 7X guy. (I actually kinda want that Iso Arms thing... imagine how strong I could get my stick arm with that thing?)


Played hockey on the worst ice EVER tonight. We played for nearly an hour and a half and there was STILL a glossy spot near the far net (where I started) when we finished playing. There was half an inch of water around that net when we started.

It was disgusting, and frankly, it scared me to play in that much water because it made butterflying and sliding very unpredictable. Also made the puck unpredictable, but it did save a goal once because the puck was just slogging through it and the shooter couldn't get the shot off. Thank you, puddle!

So, that situation really threw me off to start tonight. I know that's kinda wussy of me, but I just wasn't up for pulling a groin in that slop and played the first 20 minutes a lot more tense and restricted than I would on real ice. After that, it was more of a wet slush and felt safer to move around in.

Seriously though, I haven't seen ice that bad since I used to skate at the Galleria and if you've set blade to Galleria ice, you understand how much I'm not kidding. Terrible.


I had hoped that hard shot to the head a few weeks ago wouldn't "stick" mentally, but it did. I had a shooter wind up on me tonight and I flinched like he was unloading a shotgun on me. I got a piece of glove on it as I threw my glove and blocker in front of my head trying to get anything BUT mask on it... but I think all I did was tip it to the crossbar, where it clanked and went in.

Kind of ashamed of that. If there's one thing I've always prided myself on, it's that I take shots, no matter how hard, without fear. Hopefully that's the last time that will happen.


TWO glove saves tonight. That's right, bitches. Whip enough of those fuckers past me glove side and eventually I'm gonna start finding them. I don't think I let anything in glove side in the last 30 minutes, as I blocked quite a few with my glove, too.

And then I got beat blocker side. Ha! Go figure.


How's this for not fair? Start off with the dark team shooting on me. One guy lights me the hell up, like he had a hat trick 10 minutes into the game. I know. Horrible, but he was showing everything, and I was still in my weird head space about the sloppy ice and just wasn't staying with him.

Then, the dude goes and changes to a white sweater and lights me up on the other end after we switch nets! What the hell, man? Pfft.

Oh well. The teams were a little off balance, so it was the right thing to do. Both us goalies got schooled by the dark team, so the white needed that firepower, but damn, this guy must have gotten 6 on me tonight. Nice guy though and he got my glove going out of sheer necessity and repetition. Would be nice if that would hold over through tomorrow night.


Pretty sore and tired legs already tonight. Can definitely tell I've been off the ice for a couple of weeks. Those butt muscles I use when I'm getting up off the ice are hurting. Tomorrow is going to be rough. Time for drugs and chamomile tea and hopefully some good sleep. Took a nap after work in an effort to steal sleep wherever I can during these playing days. Man, that nap was aces. Though I did fail to set my FH rosters as a result. Oops.


Sunshine36616  December 8, 2009 at 8:33 PM  

Epic post! I love love love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! I also love a good glove save. Nice job!

We laugh all the time about the commercials you see during hockey. Men's hair color, enzyte, cialis and various exercise equipment. And the guys' equipment always use the words "ripped, shred, burn and blast."

Nick  December 8, 2009 at 10:08 PM  

That commercial was hilarious! SCREW THE GYM! ... and it's padded so it won't f up your door! Re-listen and imagine Sly Stallone or Arnold doing the whole commercial for total six-pack abs. ;-) Actually, reliving any great movie quotes with those two characters is pretty damn funny; my fav—Top Gun. Anyways, I digress ...

I SO asked for the ISO arms thing for my birthday! Not going to get it, besides nothing will fix my disproportionate right forearm after wielding a goal stick for as long as I have. Oh well.

Nothing like a night when your glove is on! :D

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